Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Am I not Supposed to Judge….

I am not supposed to judge. For years, the religion of peace has been trying to fight the stereo type that the West has toward them. For years, they are trying to say that we’re peaceful nation and the violence that we observe around the world is simply the fault of Westerners or the fault of small group of people in their society. For years, we’re being bombarded in Media that we are supposed to accept them as peaceful people and honestly it is our fault that they behave in certain ways. It is never their fault. NEVER! I had a lot of faith Lebanon and its citizens and today I lost it all. Today, they gave Kuntar, convicted murderer who crushed a four year old skull and then murdered her father, a hero welcome. (click here for the story). A society that embraces and treats murderers like hero is incredibly backward is a murderous society in itself. It is a representative of the nature of the people that live in that society. If Hezbollah would have thrown celebration and its supporters would cheer Kuntar, I would have been fine with that. They are animals and you cannot expect anything more than that from bunch of animals. For two years, they kept the faith of the soldiers secret. For two years they kept the families guessing and waiting and did not say a word regarding the faith of the soldiers. If that was not barbaric enough, they showed their coffins at the time of the exchange on live TV when the families were watching. Imagine: the families are anxiously waiting and all they see is two black coffins. Can you imagine how painful that is? This is truly barbaric and shows what Hezbollah and its supporters are nothing but bunch of animals. Actually, in my world, animals are better than these Sub-humans (Hezbollah and their supporters). And they ask the world not to judge them and they claim that they are a resistance group and they are freedom fighters and bla blab but their true nature is barbaric that goes back to Seventh Century and you know what I am referring to.

However, to see the Prime Minister Saniora and the government, who is backed by Western countries and hold themselves to be respectful leaders of Lebanon and they are elected representative, to treat that murderer like a hero boils my blood. I see absolutely no opposition in Lebanon as to why they are treating these murderers as heroes. Seriously, how am I not supposed to judge? How come we don’t hear a peek from the Islamic world? Usually Islamic world are very quick in letting the world know how they feel through their barbaric protests and violent posters toward the Westerns as to how they feel about an event. CAIR would always make a statement about how inflamed they are (which is very easy) and how they are insulted and in uproar for some stupid Cartoon or teddy bear, but in this situation they are sitting quietly. Make no mistake; I have no doubt that they are quietly celebrating this event. Can anybody tell me: how am I not supposed to judge?


Anonymous said...

Dan G
I believe Dershowitz wrote a great piece discussing how some of the assumptions we hold in war may no longer be valid. He was talking about the notion of civilian and I believe that he may be correct. If you are supporting these monsters are you really an innocent person??

Ben Kahen said...


I am not talkin about time of war or civlians. What I am focusing is how these groups such as CAIR or their subhuman terrorist apologist always claim to be humanaterian and caring about human life, and the issue is not because they are muslims. They always claim to uphold justice and human rights, yet once they get an upper hand in anything such as this deal, they act like complete animals.

Anonymous said...

Dan G

I understand thats what you meant, but I think the moderate muslims have been exposed by so many pople that any discussion or expectation that these groups will ever be honest and decent is unbelievably naive.

Islam is a dualistic ideology and splits the world into believer and unbeliever. The concepts of justice and human rights differ depending on who the discussion is about (muslim vs. kafir). The limited human rights afforded to muslims are in no way given to nonmuslims

I'll put it to you like this- the word dhimmi comes from a root meaning guilty. so much for us ever being innocent victims

Ben Kahen said...

Isn't it ironic:
they call Israeli soldiers child killers w/out evidence or proof of intent, yet they are openly calling a murdere child killer whoes crime was killing a 4 year old girl a hero!!

iit's sickening!

Anonymous said...

Dan G.

ironic only if you're not familar w/ the tactic of taqqiyah :)

Ben Kahen said...

Yeah it's crazy! BBC is callling the convicted child killer as a imprisoned militant! How horrible and biased these news agencies are beyond. They portraying them as heros. This is truely sickening

Anonymous said...

Perhaps now you finally realize that this is indeed a war of civilizations? to show mercy towards them is to sign your own death warrant. it is either us or them, my good friend.

Nile to the Euphrates!

Joseph said...

Gentelemen, let's get a bit of perspective here. Ben, nobody would defend barbarous rallies in support of a depraved individual, but it is very important to understand that there is nothing inhuman about rallies orchestrated by a state or various radical groups with political aspirations. No Ben, tragically that is all too human. I know you haven't bought into the rhetoric of distinguishing people based on their bloodlines.

Dan, be careful with your stones. All western religions are dualistic in their ideology.

Comples Simplicity said...

I do not believe you do your people justice by harboring such ill sentiments. This is not a time for moral highs. I actually searched for Muslim comments and reactions to this swap to share with you. Al Jazeera had some very poignant ones:

Brazil 16/07/2008

all sides are killers

I think some people should read more history. israelis always play the victims, but both sides are killers. How many palestinian and lebaneses children were killed by israeli snipers in cold blood? But no one talk about them. Israeli "setlers" in the west bank had killed many palestinian civilians and just a few were brought to justice. But the real price was paid by the 1.200 lebanese and 160 israelis as a result of the 2006 war. They were killed by the their leaders, who prefer war.

Fahad Arif
India 16/07/2008

prisoner swap

Don't people see that they are Hizbollah is exchanging 2 Israeli soldiers with 200 dead Lebnese? This exchange has to be in terms what has been achieved by Israel off the 2006 offensive against innocent Lebanese civilian in the name of attcking Hizbollah. These were those 2 soldiers for whicha war broke out. That Israel for sure lost today.

Afghanistan 16/07/2008

Prisoner Swap

I know it is verys sad news for Israeli soldiers family that their love one are not alive, on the other hand Israeli people have to understand every day so many Palestinian are killing by Israeli solders. How you can justify this prisoner Swap? Abu, London

Australia 16/07/2008

Prisoner Swap

I am Australia born muslim with Lebanese parents. I dont find joy in seeing dead on either side. Hopefully this might lead to positive gestures by Israel and its Arab neighbours. In Islam you are not allowed to kill anyone without a valid reason. Allah knows best.

United Kingdom 16/07/2008

Prisoner exchange

I can't believe they let this murderer free! As much as I hated the brief yet tragic war in 2006 this is not the end of the bitter feeling between Isreal and Lebanon. I love both countries and have friends of both nations. Is there any way the whole thing can be resolved?

Thailand 16/07/2008

Hizbollah prisoner swap

Plenty of 4 yeard old girls dying in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq too. No one seems to bother about that. What does other religious books say about that? Quran does not say to kill innocents, only those who stand against Muslims. And that is a standard code of war everywhere.

United States 16/07/2008

Hezbollah Prisonoers Exchange

I hope this will be a sober reminder of war causalities and one step foward to peace.

Anonymous said...

"How come we don’t hear a peek from the Islamic world? "

You mean a peep.