Monday, July 21, 2008

Walk on Water

I am tired of politics and news. Lately, it is all bad news. So, I am going to distance myself from it at least for a day. This seems like a great movie. I am buying the video online and I invite everyone to do the same thing. I cannot wait until I watch it. This is the type of movie that will raise a lot of questions and I enjoy nothing more than that. Here is the trailer:


Anonymous said...

Indeed, it is a very good movie. You will like it if you are into the spy thriller genre.

In my opinion it is much better than Munich, because it gives a better depiction of the Mossad. I thought that Munich had too much moral equivalency between the terrorists and the Israelis.

Anonymous said...

ha! and this is not depressing? if you want to forget about politics, go watch Batman, not this.

as for germans, they must all pay. and their children, and their children's children.