Thursday, July 17, 2008

Israel’s Moral Superiority

Ok, I was very sad yesterday about this deal. However, after reading this article and what was said during the funeral, I am proud to be a Jew, Zionist, and a firm supporter of State of Israel. Hezbollah and Terrorist Apologists always try to impeach Israel’s character through twisting facts and stretching the truth or using tactics to somehow condemn Israel, however today Israel proved its moral superiority in its struggle for existence in this barbaric place. This is not a publicity stunt, it is not Photoshop of pictures, and it is not a propaganda clip. It is the truth of what Israel and its morality represent as a nation. Please read the eulogies; the victims’ families are not asking for revenge, they are not asking for Lebanese Skulls to be crushed or cursing Lebanese like Terrorists’ mothers do when their Terrorist son is arrested or killed. This is the difference between the two cultures, one civilized and one barbaric; one is right and justified and the other one is something else. This is the difference: one is celebrating the freedom of a child killer, and the other one paid the highest price for its citizens and soldiers to return home. The world can simply see who is the terrorists and acting like a terrorist and one who is the civilized one in the region. However, whether they would recognize it or not is another story. At the end, Israel: I have never been more proud of you as I am today. Her is the eulogy (click here for the story).

"I'm proud to belong to those who love and not to those who hate," Ofer Regev, brother of fallen soldier Eldad Regev, who was returned in Wednesday's prisoner swap with Hizbullah, said at Eldad's funeral Thursday.
Ofer began his eulogy with a quote from a song by Israeli rock idol Shalom Hanoch: "A strange man, your enemy, exactly like you / You know he does not want to die, exactly like you. We lived in a world where we believed our enemy was exactly like us. We thought we could speak to people who also wanted to raise a child, grow a flower, love a girl, exactly like us. But the enemy proved it is not like us. And still, we will not stop trying. I stand here today sad, crying, but proud; proud of my country that fought with me to bring you back, proud of every citizen who thought of you, Eldad, as his brother. I'm proud to belong to those who love and not to those who hate. And to the entire nation who paid a high price with clenched teeth, they know that camaraderie has no price."
Paraphrasing a famous saying by former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, often inscribed on the gates of military bases, Ofer said "Every Hebrew mother should know that the fate of her sons, even if they are taken hostage, lies in the hands of commanders who will not rest and never give up until they return. I am proud of you my little brother, a man of many talents, a lover of literature and soccer. A true patriot both on the front lines and in everyday life, during reserve duty or in the volunteer work you carried out," continued Ofer.
Regev's other brother, Eyal, recounted how on Remembrance Day 2006, two months and 12 days before his capture, Eldad wrote: 'Maybe there is eventual comfort and hope, and remembrance and faith are not for nothing.' "My Eldad, may your memory be blessed," he said.
"On the twelfth of July, at nine hours and six minutes, time stopped," Karnit Goldwasser, the widow of Ehud Goldwasser said during his funeral. "A journey began for you and me - for us, the family, and for the entire country. Now you and I move on to the next journey, the journey of my life. You will be a full partner in it, you will continue to be my inner voice, eternally young, accompanying me throughout my life. It will be lived without you, but forever you will be there. My love, they say that time heals and covers wounds. Is that so? Two years have passed since that one moment when, with a wave of a knife, the artery of our life together was cut," Karnit continued. "That moment, the worst of all [moments], was turned into a horrible reality; a reality which sunk us all into a dark and complicated world. Please forgive me, my darling husband, for not [talking about] your many virtues here, those which accompanied me every step of the way during the struggle for your return. This isn't the place to do that. With your permission, I will make my personal farewell in my own time," Karnit said. Speaking before Karnit, Miki Goldwasser, Ehud's mother said, "I hope we can come to see the Second Lebanon War as a victory. We have found this nation to be a wonderful nation. We have found bereaved families with superior mental fortitude; we have found generosity. We have found the spirit of volunteering, the meaning of the word friendship. This is an amazing nation," she continued. While Karnit and the rest of the family shed tears of grief, the mother remained stoic. "I will not cry here. I will save the crying for later," she said.
"I would like to salute the Arad family," the bereaved mother said, referring to the family of Ron Arad, the IAF navigator missing since 1986. "I would like to salute the members of the Shahar family - it took great strength for them to come. And in particular, I would like to salute a great woman who has been my inspiration by standing up to all horrors with her head held high - Smadar Haran."
Eliyahu Shahar was one of the policemen killed by Lebanese murderer Samir Kuntar, whose release was part of the swap deal to return the bodies of Goldwasser and Regev. Smadar Haran lost her husband Danny and daughter Einat to Kuntar's murderous brutality in 1979. She also accidentally smothered her other daughter to death while hiding from Kuntar.
"If not for your kidnapping and Israel's response, Hizbullah might have succeeded in wiping us out," Goldwasser maintained. "I turn to the Jewish nation and ask you to hold your head high in national pride," she added.


Anonymous said...

like i said before, we're mourning our dead, while they're celebrating their victory. personally, i'd rather be alive and wrong, than right and dead.

and arash, even before this you should have known they're animals and we're civilized (and even if they weren't, what's the difference? they started this war, and even if they wanted us out of that cloak of land in a very civilized fashion, we would still be enemies). it is sad to me that it takes dead jews to drive that point home. we already had millions die, i've had enough.

As past zionists said before -

Let's let someone else be the righteous victims for a change.

i don't care anymore to be the victim, no matter how righteous.

If it saves one Jewish life, May bombs fall over Lebanese cities and villages. If one of ours dies, WE will act, and act with force. Rules of war be damned.

Anonymous said...

Gelareh G:

you know what, I was really upset when I read about the negotiations as well, but its really interesting to look at it through your persective. Thanks for sharing!

Ben Kahen said...


I was very upset too. Like my whole day was just a mess. Read the article I wrote before that. The second one was from euology the next day. The one about how am i not supposed to judge. You could realize how upset I was. However, I thought about it, this is the difference that defines the two cultures. anybody who fails to see that is only fooling themselves. A culture that celebrating a child killer's freedom is in no way competative to a culture that values its dead so much. The deal was unfair and based on logic a complete stupdity in its format, yet we did honor our soldiers and our citizens lives to the highest value. That is what define us as a moraly superior.

One might argue that is such a racist thing to say that we are moraly superior; well it is wrong. I am not saying we're born superior or it is our race that is superior. We are talking about morality, morality is how we shape and how we practice it, we're not born with it. Morality can change, therefore this superior does not come through birth or it's a NATURAL superiority. You work hard to achieve this morality. Therefore, it is not racist.

Hope I made sense there.

Ben Kahen said...

To the other guy:

1. They are all humans. Just like us: just because their leaders act like animals, doesn't make them all animals. Again, look at the title of this article, morla superiority, this is the difference between us and them, they view us as animals, but we see them as human beings.

2. They might act like animals, you are right, celebrating a child killer's freedome, it is an animalistic character, even animals woudln't do that, yet it doesn't make them all animals. they have been brain washed; that's the thing. I don't mean to say we shouldn't stand up for ourselves or be a sitting duck. I am very much against what is olmert doing now. However, we cannot jut throw our morals away and turn into what they are. We not dying, we're not being destoryed, we're pretty much safe. There is no need to go crazy and go down to their level.

Anonymous said...

We are not becoming like them if we follow "Teeth for a Tooth." By acting this way, we follow our own Old Testament. Ever hear what G-d instructed the Jews to do to the Canaanites and to the Amalekites?

I'll refresh your memory:

Thus says the Lord of hosts, "I have noted what Amalek did to Israel in opposing them on the way when they came up out of Egypt. Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey." (1 Sam. 15:2-3).

"In the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them — the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites — as the LORD your God has commanded you." (Deuteronomy 20:17)

To act with force is our ethos. What happened to the Jews in the last two thousand jews is that we became pacifist, but that was out of necessity. We simply couldn't afford to stand up for our women, our children, etc, since we lived as oppressed minorities all over the world. If we stood up, we would have been massacred in whole.

But now we are free. We are united. We have a country. And the main reason we have a country is so that it can protect us from outside enemies. The lives of this country's citizens should take precedence over the lives of other countries. Thus, to repeat, if it will save one Jewish life, and if the Lebanese started this war, may bombs fall over Lebanese cities and villages. We didn't start this, but we will finish this. By any means possible.

(Read up on how the old Ariel Sharon ended the Egyptian raids of Fedayeen in the 1950s that killed hundreds of Israelis -

specifically note the result:

"Following the attack, the Arab Legion forces deployed on the border segment near Qibya to stop further infiltrations and deter further Israeli incursions. There was a brief overall reduction in incursions along the border." )

Ma Hatshuva? Israel Hazaka

-The other guy - and also i hope you know who this is, i mean i facebooked you with this too

Anonymous said...

"Please read the eulogies; the victims’ families are not asking for revenge, they are not asking for Lebanese Skulls to be crushed or cursing Lebanese like Terrorists’ mothers do when their Terrorist son is arrested or killed."

Can you tell me where at the Hezbollah vicory rally they called for any of this?

Anonymous said...

Also, Arash you lied again. You said there was no hate in the speech. Here it was. It seems you cant read:
"Shalom Hanoch: "A strange man, your enemy, exactly like you / You know he does not want to die, exactly like you. We lived in a world where we believed our enemy was exactly like us. We thought we could speak to people who also wanted to raise a child, grow a flower, love a girl, exactly like us. But the enemy proved it is not like us. "

In other words, the mother is saying Lebanese dont love their children. Typical Zionist racism to justify the murder of Arabs.