Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unbelievable Clip!

This is an amazing clip from an IDF Unit. You might have to play it back couple of times to grasp what exactly happened here. Unbelievable!

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Ben Kahen said...

That is great; the terrorist apologists who don't know anything about my past personal life, are acting like barbarians again. Is it any wonder why they are doing it? Very simple, they are animals and their fraudulent Palestinian cause is like that too. It is harrassment, not a cause. Some people use terrorist activities to distrupt something, these people use harrasment. The funny part is these people are so pathetic that they have nothing on me, except my past relationships. Amazingly, they are not even right about that. Another funny part is that it is the same low life who prank calls me, writes stupid stuff like that, and then tries to say: whoever it is, please stop.

Honestly, it is their class, same terrorists apologists class that they have.