Friday, August 01, 2008

Muhammad Al Dura: Another Palestinian Lie

I still remember that day. It was October of 2000. I was working for this company when the footage was all over the TV. You couldn’t miss the footage of Muhammad Al Dura on TV. I mean how could you not miss it, it was a sad scene. It was a father and a son struggling to survive in the middle of gun battle. The whole Arab world exploded. The picture of Muhammad Al Dura became the face of Palestinian resistance. The whole world started their condemnation of Israel without a single set of investigation. In the Arab world, poems started being written in the honor of that kid and how ruthless Israelis killed him. Streets were named after him, clothes were designed in his honor, and many other propaganda tools were utilized using that footage. Israel, just like most of the world jumped to the conclusion and apologized for his death. The footage showed that an Israeli soldier firing his gun and the kid falls and dies. Here is the thing: the two scenes were not one continuous scene. Meaning, in one scene you see the soldier shooting his gun, and in another scene you see the kid falling. There is only one little problem: THE TYPE OF GUN THAT THE IDF SOLDIER WAS USING AND THE TYPE OF BULLET IN MUHAMMAD’S BODY DOES NOT MATCH. If that was not enough, the type of bullet that was used could not be matched to any type of IDF bullets or the guns that was being used by IDF at the time of the conflict. ALSO FROM THE ANGLE THAT THE SOLDIER HAD FIRED HIS GUN AND THE WAY THE BULLET HAD ENTERED THE BODY, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE FOR IDF SOLDIERS TO SHOOT THAT KID. The camera man had tampered with the video and it was staged. Anybody who knows anything about guns or criminal procedure will tell you that essential element in incriminating someone is matching the bullet to the gun or the type of gun that was used. Well, guess what, report after report, scientist after scientists, expert after expert came out and said: it is not possible that IDF must have shot him. (Click here for the articlea)

Well ladies and gentleman, the face of Palestinian Resistance is simply nothing but a fraud. And honestly, I have no doubt that Palestinian must have killed the kid for the Media attention. I mean, in a culture who teaches hate and death and suicide bombing to kids as honorable acts, would it be any surprise that they would shoot their own kids? I mean they use their own kids as human shields and fire toward Israeli Soldiers from behind these kids and stone throwers, so IDF would return fire and kill one of the kids. Then they would use it to defraud the world and impeach Israel’s character in the eyes of international community. What is the difference anyways, you teach them to blow yourself up or you shoot him, the act is the same: the kid dies. The blood is on the hands of the people who take the life away. However, the amazing part is it proves my point: PALESTINIAN CAUSE IS NOTHING BUT A FRAUDULENT CAUSE WHO NEEDS TO LIE, DECEIVE, AND CHEAT TO SURIVIVE. THEIR WHOLE SYMBOL TURNS OUT TO BE A FRAUD, I MEAN HOW BAD AND PATHETIC COULD THIS CAUSE BE THAT ITS SYMBOLS ARE FAKE. If it was a just cause, there would be no need for lies as big as this one.


Ben Kahen said...

1. that apology is good for yourself. I expect a full apology with GOOD FAITH! Not that!!

2. Do not divert or change the subject of this discussion. You are trying to take the ball to your own court and divert the attention from the fradulent cause that you are supporting. Honestly! Either participate, or don't change the subject. Very simple.

Anonymous said...

Just another Jew twisting the truth...thats all. This isnt anything new...Jews are always twisting stories.

Ben Kahen said...

I know exactly who wrote it. Fadel, come on dude, you have more of these Anti-Semitic Outburst every day. I am glad you are showing your true face.

Either way, for the other terrorist apologists, I am glad to see you so agitated regarding not being identified as Anti-Semite, and no I don't think you are one. I do believe your G-d Pouya is Anti-Semite for the comment he made regarding Talmud, the same langugage the Nazis would make. However you are a terrorist apologists and you only want to divert the attention from each to your own subjects and I won't simply let you do that. Plus again, the apology is bogus and you know it.

Masha said...

Fadel, thanks for calling it what it is- a story. Glad you realize that.

Remember the lynching of two Israelis by Palestinians in Rammallah? The entire incidence of savage murder and disembowelment was caught on tape. If you are not a coward, I advise you to watch that, and think if you would like to be one of them.