Thursday, August 28, 2008



CSO 201 said...

Seriously? You believe this? Seriously? Like, seriously seriously?

Ben Kahen said...

A lot of stuff in there is very well documented, the part about his muslim past, I see it as irrelevant. However his hatred of America and his Marxist past is documented.

CSO 201 said...

How is his hatred for America documented there? Where? The only anti-American sentiments there are from that crazy ass preacher and his wife saying she wasn't proud of America thus far. Fuck it, I haven't been proud of America the last 8 years, but I think this is the best f*cking country in the world, does that make me hate America? And Marxist past? Yes, I imagine his B.A. from Columbia and experiences working capitalist jobs, eventually leading to his admission into Harvard law influenced his deep-rooted Marxist philosophies very well. C'mon dude, don't be taken by this kind of stuff, its worse than all the Hope youtube videos with stars and celebrities singing about change and shit... this is waaaaaaay worse.

Ben Kahen said...

Mr. 201:

You are right to some extend, however his relationship with the Marxist groups HAVE affected his views. All we need to do is look at the people around him like his crazy preacher whoes church he attended for a very very long time. At the same time, look at his voting records, it's horrifically to the left. Plus his wife comment were not about only the past 8 years. You are from Berkeley and you know what I am talking about how they depise America, she was talking about that kind of hatred. Your love for this country is simply political and it is party affiliated which is understantable. She hated both party or were not "proud" of both parties or the country until recently simply because her husband is running for President. There is a huge difference and again, it comes from leftist and borderline Marxist views they are affiliated with.

I strongly believe Obama is toning down his views simply to get elected.

Overall, I could truely care less about his past, however what i have major problem w/ is his foreign policy advisers. Obama will be definitely worst than Carter when it comes to foreign policy. Plus, there is no way in hell I would ever vote for someone who would sit on the same table as a Person who denies Holocuast. Ahmadinejad barely have legitimacy in Iran, just imagine how much he would be legitimized if president of the United States sit on the same table as him and negotiate w/ him. And negotiate what: PLEZ DON'T WIPE ISRAEL OFF!?!

I used to be a democrat, but I honestly see absolutely no hope for the Democrats anymore. They have truely lost touch w/ the public and they have been influenced too much by interest groups. Democrats should have been leading this election by 10 points, yet instead it's a deadlock race.