Monday, September 01, 2008

U.S Hands over Anbar Province to Iraqi Forces

Today something significant happened and news media chose to somehow to play it down. U.S forces have handed over the control of Anbar province. For those who are familiar with this province, it used to be one of the most unstable regions in Iraq. It used to be on front pages of every news organization regarding how Americans are losing the war and how they are being slaughtered in those streets.
The reason that we don’t see a big deal about this good news is simply because of Media’s infatuation with Mr. Obama and his candidacy for the next election. Mr. Obama, being an inexperienced liberal mouth piece that he is, opposed the surge in Iraq. He thought that just because he got lucky with opposition to the war in Iraq, he’ll get lucky here too and as long as he undermines the strength and achievement of U.S forces in Iraq and play the defeat and retreat card, he’ll be able to hide his inability to lead the U.S. It is amazing how democrats are dying to declare that we have lost the war in order to come to power. However, that is another argument for another time. Now that the surge worked and showed how foolish Mr. Obama and his insane liberal followers were, the media is trying down play this event in order to assist Mr. Obama in his candidacy.
Maybe it is a conspiracy theory, but it is no secret that Mr. Obama has been enjoying horrific special treatment from media as oppose to John McCain. This is only a small example of how the media is trying so hard to get Obama elected. The amazing part is that with all these special treatment from media, White House screw ups, and GOP unpopularity, Obama and McCain are pretty much equal in polls. Given how unpopular President Bush and GOP are, Democrats should be leading by at least 10 points. Democrats should have this election in the bag, yet thank to liberal special interest who always affect the democratic primaries, they are in danger of losing this election too. Seems to me that American citizens are not easily influenced by propaganda and self-hating ideology that Obama is trying to force down our throat. They can see right through the B.S that Obama is selling and that is why they have a hard time believing his so called “CHANGE”. I can’t wait until someone says: he is not leading because he is black and Americans are RACIST. Honestly, it’s not his race that is holding him back, it is his ideologies, flip-flopping, and inexperience that is hurting him. Democratic Party has been out of touch with public concern and demand and they showed it perfectly with this new candidate for 2008 election. Democrats are simply out of touch with the reality and it is again thank to special interests that is influencing and lobbying this party.
In conclusion, congratulation to American forces and their achievements. Hopefully we’ll see a day in near future that Iraq is safe and secured and U.S forces hand over total control to Iraqi forces. I know there are still major problems ahead of American forces in that region, however great achievements in life come with struggle. That’s what makes them an achievement. Let’s hope and pray for the day that Iraq sees complete peace and security and we have all of U.S. forces back home safe and secured.

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