Monday, September 22, 2008

Small Picture of Olmert’s Disastrous Acts

I decided to make an outline of what I want to write first and start writing. Even with the outline, it might come out confusing; however the important part for the reader is to connect the dots and draw their own conclusions. The subject that I want to write about is Olmert’s recent actions that are weakening Israel.
Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmer has been nothing but a disaster for Israel. No terrorist or enemy has ever inflict this much damage upon Israel as this incompetent Prime Minister has done to Israel. During the past few weeks, he has proven more than ever that he is the worst Prime Minister in Israel’s history. Last week, a terrorist maliciously and intentionally attacked a ten year-old Jewish boy. The terrorist escaped to the nearby village. The settlers requested the IDF to conduct a search of the village to bring the terrorist to justice. However, IDF had orders not to interfere or enter the village. Being frustrated by lack any justice, the settlers decided to conduct the search on their own. They were very violent in their search; however no-body was killed and they were taped.
What shocked me was how this incompetent prime minister reacted. Instead of apologizing to settlers for IDF’s lack of action, he called Settler’s response “Pogroms”. How stupid could this guy be? They acted like that simply because a ten year Jewish boy was stabbed and IDF didn’t do anything. The last time I checked it is a Jewish state we live in and IDF has responsibility to protect the Jews. However, this worthless prime minister decided to call them “Pogroms”. He is an Israeli Prime Minister, not an Arab Prime Minister; his responsibility is to stand up for Jews, not the terrorists who stab a ten year old boy. This moron has no idea that whatever he says against Jews will be picked up by the Media who already loves to bash Israel. Two days later, BBC started calling the event “Pogrom” without even putting it in quotation marks.
This idiot Prime Minister does not even know that calling it “Pogroms” would simply undermine the horrific anti-Semitic crimes that were committed against Jews in Europe and especially in Russia. Thousands of Jews were raped, lynched, or killed. Europeans, who are desperately trying to exonerate themselves from the crimes they committed against the Jews and also Holocaust, would love to call this event a “Pogroms” to show that Jews are not any better than they are and what the crimes that European committed was simply a human reaction. Why? It is simply because Jews are doing the same thing. They are trying to basically free themselves from the responsibilities of their crimes. That is why we see them to be very Pro-Palestinian and comparing Israel’s reaction to Palestinian terrorism to Nazi crimes. However, there is a huge different between how the Settlers reacted and the “Pogroms”. Settlers did not lynch, hang, rape, or killed anybody in their search. They were conducting a search for a killer and turned violent because emotions were running high. It was not a “pogroms”.
If that is not enough, it didn’t take three days for terrorists to strike again. This time, they were able to stab a soldier to death and surprisingly they escaped to another Arab village. Geeee, I wonder where they got the idea from?! Lack of IDF’s response and the way the beloved Prime Minister acted in condemning the Settlers were the best encouragement for these terrorist to act. Any bright person would repeat the act and they did it again. This time, they were successful to kill a soldier and since Olmert’s identification of Settler’s act as “pogrom” was all over the news, the killing of the soldier barely made the news in Israel, let alone international media. Olmert’s actions simply drew more condemnation and it assisted terrorist and their propaganda machines.

If that is not enough, two days later, he came up with the idea that Israel should apologize to Arabs for the refugee situation in 1948. Are you kidding me? Why should Israel apologize? It wasn’t Israel who decided to declare war after its independence, it wasn’t Israel who supported Arab armies whose only goal was to slaughter the Jews, it wasn’t Israel who acted like barbaric animals in rejecting the Jewish state and conspiring to murder every single one of them. It wasn’t Israel who sided with Hitler to remove the Jews and even after the World War II, they still supported the Arab armies who had conspired to commit the second Holocaust by killing the Jews in Palestine. Now Israel wants to apologize for what happened in 1948. What happened in 1948 was simply the result of a pattern that we see even after 1948 which is their hatred of Jews and siding with the wrong side. I know Israel was not a saint either. However, there is absolutely no reason to apologize for it. If a day comes that Palestinian apologize for the crimes they committed against Jews, then we should apologize to them for inconvenience we caused them. Should Israel also apologize to Hitler for the inconvenience that Jews caused them by their existence in their countries and their resistance in Warsaw Ghetto? Arabs chose to fight Israel and they chose to side with the Arab leaders in killing and removing the Jews from the region and they lost. There is no reason for Israel to apologize. Why does this worthless Prime Minister feels like he should apologize? Olmert is only doing this to appease Arab leaders and it is only undermining the legitimacy of the Jewish state.
If Olmert apologize for events of 1948, it would be the biggest slap in the face of Jewish and Pro-Israel students around the globe who stand up to Palestinian Propaganda machines and bullies specially in universities. It is an insult to every soldier in front lines in university who are protecting and upholding Israel’s reputation. I still remember the b.s. I had to put up with when I was in Berkeley. For years we had to fight to prove the truth about what happened in 1948 and now this moron wants to apologize for it just to appease bunch of barbaric corrupt Arab leaders?!
Public reaction is horrible. They are completely indifferent regarding what is happening. In Israel, his popularity is lower than President Bush in U.S, yet Kadima is still in power. In U.S., Israel supporters are all sleeping. They blindly support any act that Israeli Prime Minister chooses to do without a single criticism. The only ones who are criticizing are the leftist nut-jobs who side with Palestinian and their criticism is simply the motivated by self-hatred rather than constructive future for Israel. No group is criticizing or even raising concern regarding the way Olmert is destroying Israel and Zionism. One example is this group called 30 years after. Last week I attended Nessah Congregation which is the biggest Persian Jewish Congregation, for Shabbat services. They were advertising this group called “30 Years After”. It is a group that is formulated by young Persian Jewish professionals and they are a pro-Israel group. They held this event that they were preparing for over a year. They had many very well-known guests such as many radio-talk show hosts, Los Angeles Mayer, Congressmen, and other well known professionals and celebrities. Ticket price for this even was at least $80. They had prepared for this even for over a year. However, during this event that was filled with important lobbyist and people, not even a single person raised any voice of concern regarding the situation in Israel and the way Olmert is reacting. Most of the people who attended this event were doing not in support of Israel, rather it was for self-fulfilling and selfish reasons such as establishing a network with important people. I thought to myself, all this money and energy to set up such event, and it was only to see bunch of Iranian Jewish consumerist trying to show off their power. What was I expecting? Persian Jewish community not showing off?! We put on our pro-Israel faces and clap our hands and attend concerts, yet when it comes to truly stand up for truth and fight for it, we all bail. Persian Jews are one of the biggest supporter of Israel, however their support is always financially. We think that we could solve our problem by throwing money at it. Don’t get me wrong, Israel does need this financial assistance; however we should not unconditionally support every single government that Israel have and try to solve the problem simply by throwing money at it. We should hold this government accountable and demand responsible action against those who might harm Israel’s interest regardless of whether their action is intentional or unintentional.
Ok, so how are the four issues talked about related: Settlers reactions being called pogroms, Israeli soldiers being stabbed, apologizing for what happened in 1948, and Jews lack of response? It is related because these are the example of core problems that is destroying piece by piece. These are only small example of the big picture that is taking place in Israel. We have an incompetent corrupt prime minister who is incredibly unpopular. He is only staying in power simply because politics in Israel has become to corrupt. He is doing everything he can to establish a legacy for his failures and he is trying to appease the Arab leaders to assist him in that road. Now this corrupt leader is making statements and doing things that is destroying Israel. An example of it is calling the Settlers’ reactions “Pogroms.” It damaged one of Israel’s reasons for existence which is to have a force to protect Jews from Anti-Semitisms, and now thanks to Mr. Olmert’s statements, the Europeans are exonerating themselves. This will result in series of global condemnation and of course it would be nothing encouragement for terrorists to commit more crimes against Jews. The example of that was stabbing of the IDF soldiers two days later. Then this corrupt leader tries to do something historic that will destroy Israel’s ideological base by apologizing for the events that took place in 1948. That will simply discourage all Israel supporters and it would take away the whole reason why Israel exists. That means, the moral will run low, the support will decline, and terrorists win. Lack of reaction by Israel supporter would only accelerate this series event. It is a scary picture I have drawn for the readers, but it is actually taking place in front of our eyes, and unless we do something about it, Israel will not have good days ahead of it. Olmert needs to be put in prison for the crimes he has committed and they are not only corruption charges. I would try him in court for treason if I had any power in Israel.


Anonymous said...

Michelle M.
what is wrong with this man anyways! why is he so resistant is he scared or something!if he wont help gain justice for Israeli people then who would ?

Ben Kahen said...

He is what I like to call a man who is trying desperately to create a legacy for himself. He is simply not fit to lead and he should not have anyways. But this man needs to be put in prison.

Anonymous said...

This is absurd! A ten year old child is stabbed and the IDF has orders "not to enter the village???" What is going on here???

Ben Kahen said...

Yeah, israel got clear order not to enter the village. I thought it was bullshit at first too, however channel 2 reported it in Israel and later one Jerusalem Post reported and I was stupfied just to see it.

Anonymous said...


so who do you like in the PM elections, Ben?

Ben Kahen said...

I would not vote for Kadima, that's for sure. they give themselves a middle ground look and then at the end, they turn out to be more leftists than ever. I would much rather go for Bibi and see him in power. Majority of Israelis seems to be agreeing w/ me too.

Anonymous said...

same here :) Kadima has run its course.

it's gonna be a great to change from the dumbest PM in history to a smart, secular guy like Netanyahu...

things have gotten so bad that they're about to get good

Ben Kahen said...

Kadima should have never been created. Sharon is dead and there is no one else preventing this party to go straight into disaster. I believe Kadima failed w/ Lebanon War and it should have been dismantled. How is this prime minister still standing when he delivered such disasterous outcome?

Anonymous said...
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Ben Kahen said...

I will provide this:

do you remember the phrase: throwing jews into the sea! let me guess, you are going to argue that doesn't mean they wanted to kill the jews.

Arab armies did attack 2gether at the time and the slogan and I hope you remember very well "throwing the jews into the sea" came about that. I am sure you know it was the arabs armies who declared war within hours of Israeli independence. If you have any proboem finding that out, just read some history books.