Thursday, September 25, 2008

He Came, He Saw, and He Bullshit International Community

I don’t have much to say about Ahmadinejad’s visit. All I have to say is that he truly disgusts me. His U.N speech was nothing more than bunch of bullshit that only leftist whack-jobs and terrorist apologists found it sincere. On top of that, Larry King is a joke. He was feeding the questions to Ahmadinejad with the simplest answers. He barely touched upon Human Rights violations in Iran, or talking in detail about his views about Holocaust. He never even touched the hard questions. He was simply working with him for profits and for Journalism. One thing I want to touch upon is that interview is that when he talked about how Iran never wanted a confrontation with the U.S.A and they don’t have hostile attitude toward this country. My question is: isn’t it Iranian student policy to scream DEATH TO AMERICA before they go to class!? Hasn’t “Death to America” written all over the country? Doesn’t wanting a country to be destroyed by death act as a hostile gesture? Just one example of that state policy of “Death to America”, when I was in Fifth grade in Iran, I had to walk on American flag in order to enter or exit the school. How’s that no hostile? Like I said, this is only a small thing, if I want to touch upon every single flaw in that interview, I’d have to write a book.

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