Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two Years Anniversary of My Blog

I cannot believe two years has passed. July 23rd is the two years anniversary of the beginning of the journey to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Two years ago at this day, I started this blog with this(click here for the article) article and started it with the same picture. I started this blog with hope to find a way to manifest my thoughts into writing in a search to find peace. I was under the impression that I can somehow find an explanation for what is taking place around me by writing about it. In the past two years, a lot has changed. My life has gone through major and different stages. I have found many friends as result of this blog and I have lost some too. I guess some people do not like the way I think because it insults the way they live in this country. It has been an interesting two years of life and I have learned a lot in the process. It has been a very colorful two years and somehow I did not reflect these changes in my blog. Here is some information regarding the past two year of my blog:
There have been more than 40,000 hit to the site. On average, I have received 38-50 hits a day; the maximum amount of hit on a single day has been 558 hits and the minimum has been 3. I have posted about 121 posts. So far this year I have written about 35 articles. During 2007, I wrote about 72 articles. On average, I wrote about 4-6 articles a month. Recently I have slowed down in writing new articles. Most of the subjects I have written about are Israel with 47 tags, IDF on second place with 21 tags, and Iran on third place with 17 tags. These are the subjects that I am most passionate about, no wonder they have taken over my blog. Last year, thanks to Anti-Semites and Terrorist-Apologists’ childish and destructive behavior, I was forced to turn on the comment moderator. This had a huge impact in terms of preventing discussions. I have received prank phone calls, threats to my life, and many have attempted to use threat to prevent me from expressing my opinion. The blog has gone through 2 makeovers, however during last year; I did not change the blog’s design. I think I am happy with this design.
What future will bring? Even though I have been slowing down in terms of writing articles, however I have no intention of shutting down this blog. I have not really written about my personal life and it has been more focused on political matter, I will try to shift the subject too. I will also have guest writers too and I believe the articles will be law related articles. I am trying to find a way to write about my experiences as a kid. I will not change the design of the blog; however I will add more links to the side and take some off. I will also disable the comment moderator very soon. This will encourage more immediate discussion and the commentators would see their comment as soon as they submit it. I still have not decided the exact date.
In the end, this year and end of this year, the world is will witness a lot of events that will unfold in front of our eyes. I have a feeling that none of these events will be pleasant. However, I will continue writing about them.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your commentary and analysis.

Ben Kahen said...


Anonymous said...

"I guess some people do not like the way I think because it insults the way they live in this country."

What exactly does this sentence mean?

Ben Kahen said...

Read it over one more time, you'll understand it.