Saturday, November 29, 2008


I could only say WOW. I really don’t know what else to write or how to even respond to this guy. I’ll just show you the video and let you decide for yourself. Wow!


sandrine richa said...

well well well
that's a shame but not surprising coming from those people

all my childhood i guess i have been hearing this, and i am afraid it is not over yet

thanks for the video ben, i have been very shocked about the Mumbai tragedy and today i am praying and will light on time the candles , to the memory of the rabbi and his wife and all the victims...

Ben said...

thank you Sandrine

yeah this guy is a sick man. However, doesn't matter how sick he is, he is at least honest about Wahabists and Salafists' intentions. He is not lying or beating around the bush, he is telling it like it is. I admire his honesty and it's the picture that the world should see to realize what the war on Terror is about.

Anonymous said...

This sub human waste of space is delusional and dangerous like the rest of the members of the religion of peace. My favorite part of the video was when he was talking about the Jewish victims in the Chabad House " They are the ones who signed the kassams which were fired at southern lebanon." classic muslime filth. there is a special place in hell for people like this waste of human life.

Ben Kahen said...

he is a sick sick human being. This guy makes me wana throw up even when I see his face. He needs to be locked up for hate speech. The only good thing about this moron is that he is truely honest about what he has learned in Islam. He is not sugar coding it for anybody, he is saying it as it is in wahabist school of throughts!!