Tuesday, November 18, 2008

U.N. Human Rights Council Wastes $23 Million on an Art Piece

Every once in a while, when you need to waste some times, start an argument with a terrorist-apologist regarding Israel/Palestinian situation. It would not take them more than thirty seconds before they point out to Human Right Groups or U.N. Human Right Council and their condemnation and reports regarding Israel. They always classify these groups as neutral self-less groups whose only goal is to promote Human Rights. That might be true in theory, but reality is far from the theory in this case. For many years, there has been criticism of these groups regarding their treatment of world’s human right abusers such as Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and many African countries, while they pick on Israel for every little detail. Perfect example: it was Hezbollah who used cluster bombs first. Then Israel responded with carpet bombing using cluster bombs of Southern Lebanon in the last two or three days of the war. These groups heavily criticized Israel for using those bombs, while mentioning very little that Hezbollah used cluster bombs. They didn’t even bother to mention it was Hezbollah who used these cluster munitions first. These groups have been criticized for being biased toward Israel. In Iran, student activists are vanishing and executed, opposition are being repressed, and teenage girls are being exported to Arab nations as prostitutes, yet Human Rights Council rarely bring up the subject.
Now, with all those criticism, they do something as stupid as this: Click Here for the link. They spend millions of dollars for their self-fulfilling parties and pat themselves in the back for the spectacular job they have done in promoting Human Rights. It is a shameful organization that has been nothing but a constant disappointment in every field they tried to make an improvement. Their departments are probably filled with Anti-Semites or incompetent people who probably get paid by rich Saudis and Arab leaders to endlessly criticize Israel and defame the Jewish nation. Otherwise, why else would they turn blind eye to situation in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Muslim countries and make countless attempts to defame Israel. However, this news article provides the best proof how incompetent these groups have become in terms of helping people in need such as in Congo were people are dying in thousands. Instead, let’s worry about Israel’s closure of Gaza strip and terrorist groups are suffering in those region.


james said...

Dude seriously sence as long as i can remember ive been dealing with you ppl. Leave israel alone let them and the palestinians deal with it the ppl who've hurt the palies most are other muslim countries who use the israelies as an excuss for there anger and attrocities.

The human rights ppl are just as pathetic as the UN there worthless all they do is wallow in there corruption and feed off the US and others while the so called "Good" arab nations allow slavery murder,rape and other evils to flurish in there own countries.

Ive heard some say if the palies and such had smart bombs and helicopters and such they wouldnt have to use suicide bombers and rockets.realy.....a suicide bomber doesnt just blindly go omg ill just blow up here theyve picked there targets what were those......buses, schools, buisy me what the muslim world has given the rest of us for the last 500yrs....what death...only death

Islam must change or it will truly be just a sickness on the world but we cant do it only they can..

Ben Kahen said...

once again we have a perfect example, the terrorist apologist divert the attention of the blog into something completely worthless.

they call it a lie, yet when it comes to the merit of the argument, which is how worthless UN Human Right Council has been and how they are pissing away money, they are completely quiet!

But here is the good news, I get to erase irrelevant argument. And by the way, every single report he presented were from teh same group we are criticizing here. I wonder why!!!!!!!

Either way, it is always nice to see people calling the opposite view or minor difference liars.

Anonymous said...

Let me preface by saying I don`t have a dog in this fight, so to speak.

The only concern I have is out of humanist principles. You make a valid point about bureaucratic waste, but that news is also as old as bureaucracy itself.

I was intrigued by your assertion that the UN Human Rights Watch, "pick[s] on Israel for every little detail," "These groups have been criticized for being biased toward [sic] Israel[by the way I think you mean biased against Israel]" and my favorite, "Their departments are probably filled with Anti-Semites or incompetent people who probably get paid by rich Saudis and Arab leaders to endlessly criticize Israel and defame the Jewish nation."

A quick visit to UN`s Human Watch Site section on middle-east issues (at reveals the following headlines:

"Bahrain: End Threats to Rights Activists"

"Egypt: End ‘Shoot to Stop’ Practice at Sinai Border Crossings"

"Award to Saudi Human Rights Lawyer" [kind of supporting your allegations]

"UN: World Leaders Should Press Saudis on Intolerance" [not so good for your argument, and kind of downplays the last headline]

"Tunisia: Longtime Political Prisoners Freed"

"Lebanon: Act Now on Steps to Prevent Torture"

These headlines are followed by:

"Iran: Rights Crisis Escalates" an expose in a series entitled -
"Faces and Cases from Ahmadinejad’s Crackdown"

Unfortunately I don`t have enough time to waste anymore of it on this. It occurs to me, and perhaps in light of the above you should consider, you are hypersensitive to any criticism of Israel and you view all criticism as "unfair" because it is criticism of your nation (or at least a nation that you are beholden to). Lastly, your "they did it first" argument is that of a third-grader, not a grown man. You fail to understand that "they did it first" is not a justification. It doesn`t matter if a non-democratic state "did it first", the free-world, which includes Israel, is expected to behave according to higher standards than terrorist organizations and countries run by despots. The US is not allowed to carpet bomb nations, it is too indiscriminate, and Israel should not be allowed to do so either. No nation should be allowed to do so - and you know as well as I do that Lebanon at the time was hardly a unified nation being run from the top down, rather any cluster bombs that were fired were fired by rag-tag organizations which cannot be compared to a democratic government elected to represent the nation on world affairs.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Your criticism was directed initially at all Human Rights Groups, "thirty seconds before they point out to Human Right Groups or U.N. Human Right Council"

Second, The UN Human Rights Council is a political organization - yet you`re upset that their politics are misaligned!?! That`s politics bub.

My point was concerning Human Rights Groups - and their alleged anti-semitism. Admittedly I confused Human Rights Watch and The Human Rights Council - as I said, I don`t really have a dog in this fight and honestly could care less what Israeli and Palestinian jingoists say or do with each other. I am interested though because of the sweeping hatred which is apparent in your words, which will only cause more hatred and violence. In the words of Dr. King, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Just as sure as all nations are capable of committing injustices. Stop calling every grievance against Israel as anti-semitic. Israel is not run by Elohim it is run by men.

I just think you should tone down your rhetoric if you want people to take you seriously.

Ben Kahen said...

Dear Reader, don't bother responding to this guy. This is a perfect example of terrorist apologists whoes only goal is to defame Israel. His only line of defense is usually to call you a liar and say you lied about this or that, even if he is trying to prove you wrong. At the same time, this guy is borderline stalker who utilize shady methods to tap into your personal life and his best defense is usually comments about looks. Therefore, dont' bother responding to him. I have learned the best way to deal with him is simply ignoring him. He is not worthed your time.

Ben Kahen said...

Anyways, regarding Israel and its mistake, I know not everyone is Anti-Semites and I know Israel is run by men. G-d knows I believe that Israel has made many many grieve mistakes, but these mistakes are not only exclusive of Israel at time of war. Israel has been constantly at war and during war, mistakes happen. What I have problem is how these groups and U.N groups usually pick on Israel when other coutnries have killed more people of their citizens than Israel has killed Palestnian. To me, that mind bottling to see that Palestnian rather live inside Israel than any other Arab country in the region. It is mind bottling to see there are Iranian muslims in Iran who would rather live in Israel than Iran. However, when I see waive condemnation from these groups with the smallest move, and complete silence toward other crimes, it makes me question these groups' intents. Another example when a palestnian family died in an explosion at the beach. It didn't take these groups 1 day to release statement condemning the act, saying it was Israel's fault. Later research showed that it could not have been Israel. Double standard and rush to the judgement is always obvious among these groups.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Israel is under greater scrutiny because it is a free world government - the world expects more from the free world.

I'm sorry but your comment that Palestinians would "rather" live in Israel than any other Middle Eastern countries cuts to the heart of the problem, which is an eagerness to demonize and refusal to sympathize. Just imagine for a second - if you were born in a land that your ancestors had lived in for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and for whatever reason your family then lost that land and a different group of people entered the land, and those people criticized you for being a malcontent and not liking the new status quo, and it was pointed out that if you didn't like it you should go live somewhere else and if it is so bad why do you prefer to stay there "rather" than going someplace else . . . I could imagine people taking umbrage with that message. Certainly that would be a dialogue killing statement because it reflects a very unsympathetic viewpoint.