Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Smells Like 1930s in Europe

When I read this, the only thing that popped into my head was, “it smells like 1930s in Europe”. Click here for the full story. Well, to sum it up, UCU which is University and College Union and largest trade union for academics, has voted to disassociate itself from the EU working definition of anti-Semitism. This is amazing. In another word, they have the audacity to come up with a definition of their own to mask their biased view or justify their anti-Semitism. This step has many different hidden meaning to it that needs to be pointed out.
This step is a significant step in the world of Academia or at least among these hateful numb-nuts. By taking this step, this group of Academia is basically declaring to the world that if we do not like a definition of something, we will go ahead and change it to justify our view. The world of Academia is bound by set of rules that they need to follow. These rules have been established through experiences in history. Anti-Semitism and its definition have been created through history lessons and experiences of the victims who suffered under these practices. What this group of idiots who call themselves academics is saying is that we know better than history, we know better than world, and we will dictate to the world what this definition should be. They are trying to ignore history and the victims’ plight in order to dictate to the world what they consider to be justified treatment of human beings. This is a perfect example of complete utter ignorance that exists among the world Academia and their distance from reality. This is the hypocrisy because they are dictating to other government what they should do or not do and ultimately refrain from dictatorship, yet they are the biggest dictators of the globe dictating what should be considered Anti-Semitism and what should not be considered that. The results of their acts will simply provide others with the tools to persecute and justify killings of a group of people.
Lame Justification:
One might ask why they are redefining the term “Anti-Semitism”. Their lame justification is that the current definition does not allow criticism of Israel. It seems to me that these academics are blind, deaf, or too stupid to see the reality on the ground. Nobody on either side has ever claimed that Israel should not be subject to criticism due to “Anti-Semitism”. However, there is a huge difference between criticism of Israel and being Anti-Semitic. If these stupid Academics would take a good unbiased look at the people who support them, they will realize most of these idiots who are die-heart supporter of Palestinian Cause tends to be Anti-Semitic in their rhetoric. They are simply trying to justify and wash their hands of any responsibility. Just take a good look at what is being published in the Arab world and their justifications of attacking Israel. Just take a good look at Facebook Pages of Pro-Palestinians and read what is written in the comment sections of these pages regarding killing the Jews. To make matter even better, just look at the rhetoric that is being used against Zionism and the rhetoric that were being used during Nazi era against Jews. The only difference is that the word “Jews” have been replaced with “Zionists” and the meaning of the sentence is still the same. In many cases, the sentences are completely identical. Even looking at the cartoons coming from Anti-Israel side, they have a striking resemblance to the cartoons used for persecution of Jews during Nazi era all around Europe. (One simple example is the cartoon I have included here). Therefore, this argument that UCU is making with regards to criticism of Israel is never anti-Semitic is completely false and nothing but a wishful thinking.
One amazing aspect of such view comes from the fact that a lot of people that are pro-Palestinians turn out to be Muslims and leaded by Muslims. Their problem with Israel is not the plight of Palestinians rather than it is the existence of Jewish State in what they consider to be an Arab land. THAT IN ITSELF IS RACIST. UCU does not want to pay attention to that.
This sort of behavior is not anything new. This level of stupidity is nothing new if you look at history. During 1930s, Nazis and the world of Academia run by Hitler and his scholars, constantly and actively tried to redefine terms in order to promote and justify their Anti-Semitic views. This sort of act is nothing new. At the same time, Academia loves to take credit for the development of human values and rights which is completely wrong. With regards to the right of Jews and their human rights, it had nothing to do with the Academics. It had to do with the heinous and egregious crimes committed against Jews during WWII and the natural reaction of the societies that came to its senses and said, “this is wrong”. Now, the UCU wants to take it upon them to redefine history and a term that is developed throughout history. However, their act is nothing but justification of promoting hatred against a group of people of certain belief and religion which in this case is Judaism. This should never be allowed and it should be stopped.
Stupidity of Academia and Social Science:
This sort of acts is another signature of the stupidity of Academia and those being out of teach with the reality of what is going on around the globe. As I mentioned previously on this post, Academia during Nazis did not take major steps to help the Jews or even mention their plight. If anything, if you read the work of Academia during that era or previous to the conclusion of WWII, it is filled with Anti-Semitic rants. The perfect example is Carl Marx and Thomas Pain. Although they have two different views of politics and ideology and they both contained completely different messages and at some point contradictory to one another, their work is filled with Anti-Semitic rants about Jews and their behaviors none of which has any sort of truth to it. Rather these rants were simply rooted in their Anti-Semitic beliefs. This could prove that the world of Academia has always had some sense of Anti-Semitic views that it tolerated as science due to the personal belief of the Academics.
Another point that should be pointed out as a result of these acts by UCU is that it proves how stupid and worthless social sciences are in terms of shining lights to what they consider to be the “truth”. Unlike other type of sciences, social sciences are not really considered science. There are no set terms to define an event. There is no set logic that could be fixed without having to change in future. For example, in math, the whole world knows that two plus two (2 +2) is Four. Nobody could come here and argue that it would be any different. As Professor James A. Gregor wrote in one of his books, the world of Academia in Social science is filled with materials that are there to fit the author’s beliefs that in many cases turn out to be wrong and completely flawed. Perfect example is Academia’s love for Marxism during the early and mid-stages of the 20th century. The result of such love and infatuation is the biggest mass murder of people all around the globe that put Nazis to shame. From Russia to Vietnam to Cambodia to African Countries, Marxism and its value, encouraged and supported by global Academia, ravaged country after country and killed and murdered people in millions. The world of Academia washed its hands of the responsibility and their major support for such movement in their college campuses and books they wrote. They always came up with excuses to justify Marxists crimes. Not to go further into this subject, a lot of these Academics who are anti-Israel are the former Marxists or people who studied under those Marxists Academics.
What the Academia tried to do was simply to change the reality on the ground and come up with a system to redefine society in a way they saw to be fair. The results were mass murders in levels that human race has never witnessed at any time in its history under this sun. The same exact notion is apparent in micro-level here. The world of Academia and especially UCU is trying to redefine a term created by history and historic event in order to fit it into what they consider to be “truth” and dictate to others how they should live their life or treat others. Just as Professor Gregor mentioned in his book, the social science are not bound by any set rules, and it is subject to different changes of the society or belief of the author of the theory. One person could say something now, and the other person could come back with a completely different term. In a different word, the truth never exists in social sciences; rather the truth is simply relative to the author’s belief.
In this case, the world of Academia is not happy with the definition of Anti-Semitism. They are simply tired of justifying their positions to escape the reality of being Anti-Semitic. Therefore, what they are doing is simply to do away with the definition of the term. They simply do not have a case to present to world, and they are trying to change the rules of the game in order to establish themselves as relevant in the argument. This is the prime example of stupidity of Anti-Semitism.
In the end, the history will be the judge. This sort of acts might present them with temporary relief from true justice and truth; however, it will not provide them with ultimate victory. If they are resorting to pathetic acts of redefining terms, it is a perfect proof of the weakness of their argument. They are trying to ignore the truth by turning a blind eye to the Anti-Semitic views of the majority of the supporter of the Palestinian Cause. It is nothing new in history. It is nothing new in Europe. Europe is at its best and time after time, they have shown it throughout history. They are simply too Anti-Semitic to play any role to negotiate or dictate to Israel how it should conduct negotiations with its neighbor who are sworn to destroy it. This sort of acts is not helpful at all for peace, Palestinian cause, or Human Rights as they claim they are trying to do by resorting to this sort of acts. It will only provide other dictators in the region, such as Iran, with the tools to kill their own people and conduct horrendous crimes against humanity and resort to simply redefine terms to justify their acts. This sort of acts is the biggest crime against humanity and the Academia and their silence against UCU’s actions are the responsible party that history will hold accountable in its books. This is why, It smells like 1930s.


Iron Chef Kosher! said...

How self-blind can anyone be "Our complaint is that the definition of antisemitism doesn't leave room for anti-Zionism." WHICH OUGHTA TELL YA SOMETHIN', NO?? (at least, something about your particular brand if it, no?)

Bigots - too stupid to realize just how stupid they really are.

Vicious Babushka said...

There are actually two kinds of Jew Hate. The first kind, is the belief that Jews are an inferior race and must be exterminated. The second kind, which is much more insidious, is the belief that Judaism (not Jews racially or ethnically) is evil and must be eradicated. This form of Jew Hate attacks everything which makes the Jewish people unique, whether it is circumcision, kosher slaughter of meat, eruv, or Jews living in their own national homeland (Zionism). When people define "Anti-Semitism" as being only the racial kind, they are omitting a very large source of the problem.

Anonymous said...

this is a terrible article, terribly written. at least proof read, because spell check doesnt do all the work.

this is just ignorant and reactionary. i may be wrong, i couldnt bare to read the second last paragraph, but you only you use one example to justify any of your claims, and only then because it is a picture and therefore easy to include! you talk about all the hate on pro palestinian facebook groups and blogs (which do very much exist) but dont include any quotes to back it up! you spew nonsense about 'global academia' and its homogenous ignorance.

the one thing you could have done to make this article even vaguely repectable would be to have some direct quotes (or even a link!) to the UCU document, but no... it seems to me like you just read an article about it and made up all these conclusions from that.


Ben Kahen, ESQ. said...

Dear anonymous:

Thank you for your comment. This is not reactionary, rather it showed how the Academia has lost touch with the real world.

A lot of examples I used were public knowledge that could easily be verified. Therefore, there is no need for direct quotation. At the same time, you failed to address specific issues I talked about and just directly rejected the argument.

Until you raise speicific issues you don't agree with, then I can't address or clearify anything for you.

Ben Kahen, ESQ. said...


I like your comment. However, keep in mind, historically the name "Jew" was used as a derogatory term. Even today, a lot of Arab nations still have that mind, because even though they agree that Jews are people of the books, however in their mind, the Jews should never be powerful and they should be under the rule of Islam and treated as second class citizens. To them, Islam is more superior to Judaism and Jews should never have their own power, that is why an idea of Jewish State, especially in what they consider an Arab land IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE. That is why, Peace in middle east is considered a myth until the problem of Jewish Rights is established in the Arab world.

Anonymous said...

The UCU further proves the formula

E + SP = ESP

Education plus Stupid Person equals Educated Stupid Person.

Great post, nice site.