Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Whores of the Middle East: Palestinians and their Fraudulent Cause

One again, the whores of the Middle East are at it again. By whores of the Middle East, I am referring to the Palestinians and their fraudulent cause. I have analyzed why I classify this cause as a fraudulent cause in detail. However, to sum it up, the reason this cause is fraudulent is because it utilizes nothing but lies and propaganda to deceive the world and utilize their inherited historic anti-Semitism to buy sympathy for their cause. A true cause would never ever need to resort to lies, deceits, terror, tampering and photoshoping pictures, fake videos, fake victims, fakes bodies, and many other deceitful acts they have committed throughout the history.
Another perfect example of this fraudulent cause is the fact the troubled leader of Syria has taken up Palestinian cause to divert attention from his ruthless campaign against his domestic protestors. This is nothing new. These whores of Middle East are constantly being used by the dictators or Islamists from each corner of this region. One day, Palestinians are Pro-Saddam, another day they are Pro-Kaddafi, another day they are Pro-Assad. Just like the local whores who would just be with anybody who are willing to pay them anything, this fraudulent cause and its supporters switch side in a minute regardless of how contradictory their ideologies are in comparison to each other. In many cases, these supporters would not even support a democratic movement in countries who are big supporters of Palestinian Cause. They have even taken arms against the local activists and participated in oppression of democratic movements. A perfect example of it is Iran and during the Anti-Government protests after the controversial election of Ahmadinejad. Die-heart fan of Palestinian Cause were completely mute about what was taking place and not a single word of support had come from any of them. It was a shocking sight since these supporters hold themselves to be supporter of Human Rights and people’s right to choose. It even shocked a lot of Pro-Palestinian Iranians. To be honest, it was an enjoyable view for me.
This fraudulent cause is nothing but a local whore because as soon as anybody wishes to buy some support for their illegitimate government, they start supporting Palestinian Cause. Another perfect example of it is Turkey and its new Islamist movements. New election is coming up and now we hear Turkey trying to use Anti-Israel slogans to rally support this Islamist party. Of course, just like bunch of sheep, these citizens run to the polls and vote these guys into the office thanks to their anti-Semitic beliefs.
Over all, the Arab Springs has done an amazing job magnifying the true value of the Palestinian Cause. A perfect example of such stupidity is Syria. Click here for the full story. Assad is going through The Middle East Handbooks line by line. In the same day that his troops slaughtered 20 protesters, he encouraged and supported an international crime and breach of Israeli Border. The Syrian borders have been the safest border for Israel for over 25 years. Now that Assad is in trouble, he is trying to divert attention by utilizing the local whores.
I sometimes wonder and ask, “Do these Palestinian have ANY self-respect?” I mean come on, throughout history, one dictator after another dictator, one extremists government after another extremists supported them and they quickly jumped in their arms and allowed them to use them as whores to oppress their own citizens, and the only results for them was just more death, terror, and embarrassment. Isn’t it time for Palestinian to truly stop acting this way and cut off contact with these dictators and illegitimate governments?
I do not know if this could be a correct prediction, but I think sooner or later, things will change in the Middle East. Sooner or later, the Arab and Muslim communities across the globe must wake up and ask the proper questions. But meanwhile, Palestinians and the supporter of such fraudulent cause should know that they are not making friends this way by breaching Israel’s border. They are only making enemies in Syria and if Assad falls, they would lose an ally for simply siding with Assad.

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