Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hypocrisy of Pro-Palestinian Thirst for Freedom

As I am following the Arab Springs, I am very reluctant to invest any hope in any of the movements. I try to follow it and learn from it and use history to find glimpse of hope in the mist of such movements. One thing that I have learned is that this movement is way too chaotic across the region to be able to categorize them in a single description. For example, nobody could come out and say that these movements are Islamic, or they are secular, or they are pro-Palestinian, or pro-Western. It is too chaotic for one to even predict what will happen in the near future or even plan for it. However, the tales that are coming from these movements tends to have the similar theme to it.
Arab Spring has provided the key players in the region with a chaotic environment that permit these players to play their hands. From Iran to Al-Qaeda to Hezbollah to Palestinian Movements, they are desperately trying to somehow create an environment that serves their best interest. At the same time, some of these players are desperately trying to rescue their allies in the region. This is where hypocrisy of the pro-Palestinian movements and its supporter has shined that would stupefy an unbiased viewer.
Syrian Army is committing horrendous crimes against humanity. They are openly and vindictively massacring the anti-Government supporters. Click here for the article in Time Magazine that describes some of these atrocities. What do we see from the Arab world and the supporter of the pro-Palestinian movements? NOTHING! Absolute silence! Not a word! To add to the wound, the U.N. who will pass libraries of resolutions condemning Israel for “Excessive Force” if a terrorist suffers a scratch during an act of terrorism against Israel’s civilian population, has been fairly quiet.
The hypocrisy takes a much better turn. Iranian government who has been actively involved in many of the anti-government movements in the region and openly supports and/or funds these movements, has chosen to describe the Syrian Opposition as “kharabkar” which basically means terrorists. Iran has been actively involved in Bahrain and Egypt. In Bahrain, there are stacks of documents proving Iranian involvement in the movement and Islamisation of the movements. Yet, when it comes to Syria, whose government is far worse than Bahrain with regards to oppression of its people, they have been absolutely silent.
Now let’s go a step forward, if being silent about the Syrian movement and characterizing them as “terrorist” is not enough, they are actively involved in suppression of these movements in Syria. Of course, the Iranian government and its leaders are experts at suppressing movements and they are handing out expert advice as to how to murder these protesters and defusing their movements. Iranian government has a spectacular track record when it comes to murdering and destroying democratic movements. There are many evidences that show that many acts that Syrian governments are committing are coming directly from Tehran. One example of it is not allowing funeral services taking place for the soldiers who were shot by the Syrian Army. Another example is when the person heard the agent not speaking a word of Arabic.
A lot of the pro-Palestinian mouthpiece in this corner of the world will try to classify these evidences as mythical tales. However, one aspect of this movement that gives support to these claims is Hezbollah’s behavior. The Coward leader of Hezbollah, Nasrallah, who has been in hiding since 2006, openly supported the Egyptian movement against Mubarak. At the same time, he openly supports Syrian’s government who is far more barbaric toward the protesters than any other regime with exception of Libyan government. Nasrallah even went further to support and praise Assad as a ruler of Syria. This sort of acts directly proves that Iran and its Bitch (a.k.a. Hezbollah) are actively supporting Assad’s massacring of the protesters. Hezbollah and Iran are not just quiet supporters and if history has taught us anything, it would show that these two agents will directly get involved to support their interest.
So at the end, so much for Freedom and Human Rights!!! Pro-Palestinian groups are mute, the U.N is quiet, and Hezbollah and Iran are actively working to destroy the Syrian Anti-Government movements. One might ask, Why? What difference does Syria make for Palestinians? The answer has to do with Hezbollah and its enemy Israel. Syria is a direct supporter of Hezbollah and provides this terrorist group with supply lines of Arms that are purchased by Iranian money for this group. The rout is pretty direct: Iran buys and produce these weapons, ship them to Syria, and from Syria they are delivered to South Lebanon and Hezbollah. These so called Pro-Palestinian groups hate Israel so much and with so much passion that they will sacrifice anything and anybody to achieve their goal which is ultimately the destruction of this Jewish State. Human Rights and Freedom is only an excuse or justification. These groups are fueled by hatred. This is the good old anti-Semitism that we see in action in today’s world.
These Pro-Palestinian groups were sitting quietly when Iranian protesters were being raped and murdered back in 2009. These same groups are still sitting quietly as Syrian government is repeating the same crimes against its own citizens. The level of barbarianism involved in this region in terms of suppressing these movements is beyond anything our civil society could even begin to imagine, yet stupid groups such as Coldplay is busy making stupid songs against Israel. The Arab Spring proved one thing at the end and that is the level of Morality the Israeli Army and Israeli Government has shown in terms of dealing with not just regular protesters who are asking for democracy and/or freedom, rather group of people who are sworn to destroy and massacre its population. The Western world is too blind with its inherited Anti-Semitism to realize appreciate this level of morality and self-control that Israel has utilized throughout history to deal with its enemies. However, sooner or later, the Arab public will see the difference.
At the end, nobody knows what will happen in Syria. Most likely thousands will be massacred and then the protesters will vanish. This is the Middle East Dictators’ Playbook. Then another war with Israel might pop out or we have this stupid U.N Recognition of Palestine that will be utilized by these ruthless regimes to distract their publics. All I could say is this that my thoughts and prayers are with those Syrian Protesters.

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