Monday, June 20, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court Court Hands over a Perfect Ruling

Today is a very slow news day. However, being a former law student and an attorney, I love to check the Legal News too. I was shocked to see this piece on Click Here for the full story. The Supreme Court finally blocked this massive stupidity and corporate crushing law suit to go on. Lately, The Supreme Court (S.C) has been handing down very intelligent rulings with regards to businesses. This law suit was nothing more than a stupid tactic for Class Action Lawyers uniting with bunch of feminists who seems to have no connection to reality, to make some money. There are huge problems for females struggling in the job market to be treated and paid the same as the men; however this case was not addressing it. The S.C. saw right through it and they attacked the core issue of the problem which was: the claims are too scattered and this case is simply too big. Overall, good ruling on the part of S.C.

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