Thursday, June 23, 2011

Releasing of the Oil Reserves: a Stunt for Election ONLY!

Ok, now we are definitely in election mode. U.S. voluntarily decides to release some of its reserves to ease the deficiencies of Libya and the conflict there. Yeah Right!!! Click Here for the full story. This is a stunt by Obama administration since things are not looking good at all for him. His disastrous economic policies have not worked. Geee what a Surprise?! His main focus became passing the “health care reform” that would cost the U.S Government billions of dollars and it would worsen our debt problem. His Stimulus Plan was nothing but a waste and a payoff to his allies. So now, the gas prices have gone up. There is one thing about Gas prices that you should and to put it in the most simplified fashion, if gas prices go up, the economy will tank. High gas prices would hit American pockets directly. The cost of living, the cost of food, the cost of air-travel, and many other type of costs would dramatically increases. If the costs increases in such a bad economy, it would simply destroy any sign of recovery. These are the signs we are seeing here. However, another issue is that America voters would look at gas prices as a way to evaluate a President. The Mainstream Media used the gas prices to destroy Bush.
When Gas prices went up under Bush, the mainstream media ripped a new one for Bush. They accused Bush of being in bed with the Oil Companies and they are doing it together just to make them money. Under Obama, time after time, we witnessed his open relationship with the Oil companies. The biggest one was: BP. BP was the biggest contributor to Obama’s campaign before he was elected as the President. However, they received a huge pay off. To make a very long story short, with Obama’s hidden green light, Ireland approved a Libyan terrorist who plotted and executed a terrorist plan that caused a bomb to go in an American flight killing all the passengers on that flight, to be released from Irish jails (he was supposed to die 3 months after his release which was 3 years ago-HE IS STILL ALIVE). That happened with BP heavily lobbying the courts behind the doors. Two weeks after the release of that murderer, Gadhafi personally awarded BP with the rights to do offshore drilling of the Coast of Libya. Then if it wasn’t bad enough, as soon as things started getting bad in Libya, Obama without the consent of Congress or even addressing the issue with the American public, conducted air-assault to support the oppositions in Libya. However, Obama quickly stopped the air raids and handed over the operation to NATO after the Libyan opposition took over the oil rich territories and refineries. Guess who had the most stakes in those areas: BP AGAIN! (BTW: mainstream media just argued that Obama is involved in Libya ONLY for humanitarian issues and to prove to the Arab world that he is with the people). Questions: why hasn’t he lifted a finger against Syrian regime who is one of the main supporters of terrorism in the region and openly murdering Syrian citizens? Oh yeah, No BP and no Oil!
So now he is about to go into reelection and the economy is tanked, mysteriously and without any warning or fair reasons, he releases U.S reserves which would not solve U.S economy problems in the long run. This act is more like a bandage for a short term. It will help the economy maybe for a year or two until the election. This is amazing. Instead of thinking long term to solve the problems, he is simply thinking about reelection only. ENJOY THE CHANGE YOU BROUGHT AMERICA!

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