Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gilad Shalit is Going Home!

Yesterday was a huge news day. Of course I was swamped with massive amount of work and I didn’t get to write anything about them. A lot of my points that I have been writing about for the past five years came true. Iranian agents from Quds Army were busted in their attempt to conduct a terrorist attack within U.S. Soil. I am not going to tackle that issue now and tell you “I TOLD YOU SO!” I won’t write about Iranian propaganda mouthpieces in this country who are throwing conspiracy theories around without single shred of direct or circumstantial evidence either. I am going to write about how proud I am to be an Israeli and a Jew today.
Israel and Hamas came to an agreement with regards to release of Gilad Shalit. I do not care for the price that was paid; all I know is that it was the right decision. He is a Jew and he is still alive and Israel should bring him back to Israel at any costs. This is a true proud moment for Israel and it showed how much it values its citizens’ lives. Today is the day that we could hold our head high in the international community and show them what it means to defend your citizen in every battlefield. In a region where most of the neighboring government are murdering, torturing, oppressing, and committing all sorts of crimes against their own citizens in search of democracy, this small country set an example as to what it means to value its citizen’s lives. Look at the “Arab Spring” and the level of cruelty involved there to see the difference. Look Egyptian achievement of democracy in the region that resulted in oppressing of the religious minority and empowering of the religious fanatics. Now look at Israel and how much it values its citizens’ lives. I am truly proud of Israel.
I really do not care about how Palestinians are celebrating. Truly, it does not matter at all. Israel is bringing back its soldier and he is going home after five years. I wish him well and I congratulate Israel for this accomplishment.
One issue: Khaled Mashal who is one of Hamas’s leaders in Syria called it a Palestinian National Achievements that all Palestinian should be proud of. My question is proud of what? Palestinians should be proud of kidnapping, coercion, torture, and breaking every single international in the book with regards to PoWs or enemy combatant as they like to classify it?! This is what they should be proud of? Is this Palestinian dedication to humanity? War? Violence? Terrorism? Murder? Kidnapping? Israel just had another one of its scientists win Noble Prize and they won it not in one of those Affirmative action prices that they usually give to Arabs or Muslim nationals to make them feel better such as Peace Prize (although it is highly Ironic). They won the noble prize in chemistry and that is Israeli national pride. 5 out of 7 winners were actually Jews this year. This is what Israelis and Jews are proud of. Israel’s pride is the fact that she paid a tremendous price to bring its beloved citizen home. Israel’s pride is the fact that they value their citizens’ lives and they will do anything to rescue them. This is the vast difference between the two cultures and moments like these are when you could see the true faces of groups like these.
About those right wingers who are criticizing this deal: if you oppose this deal you are not a Jew. Very simple! A Jewish life is worth a lot more than just 1000 terrorists. Israel has pretty mighty armed forces to defend Israelis and Jews around the world and hopefully they’ll hunt anybody down and send them to meet their 72 virgins if they choose to go back to terrorism against Israel. For now, Gilad is going home and everybody should be happy about it. Don’t worry, Israel will protect itself.

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