Monday, October 24, 2011

Erdogan’s Hate for Israel

What is happening in Turkey is the prime example of having an Islamic Ruler with Islamic Agenda. This is also significant because it is an accurate account of reality of the Middle East and why there will not be peace in the region based on the status quo. I’ll start with this comment by Golda Meir who said, “We will have peace in the Middle East the day that our neighbors start loving their kids more than they hate Jews.” Turkey turned down Israel's assistance. How much do you really have to hate the Jews that you are willing to pay for it by the blood of your own citizens? Turkey turned down Israel’s assistance in the aftermath of the earthquake. Regardless of how prepared you are, you never turn down assistance during natural disaster if it could save even a single life. Turkey claimed that they are well-prepared for the disaster and they do not need any foreign assistance and they have turned down ALL foreign assistance. In my opinion, that is just load of crap that only you witness in countries like Iran. Here, Erdogan and his Islamist Gangs do not want to improve Israel’s image among its public opinion. It is as simple as that and they are willing to pay for it with Muslim Turkish Blood. They cry over Palestinian blood that they claim are being spilled and how the nine-dead Turkish terrorists died in that Flotilla incident, yet they are willing to sacrifice 1000s of lives of their own citizens. According to almost every single report or account coming from the region, the rescue operation is not going well at all. Nobody believes the official government account that only 265 have died so far and the rescue mission is going very well. Even Turkish citizens are starting to question why did Turkey has turned down Israel assistance since Israel and its rescue operations are notorious to be one of the best in the world.

Dugan Yalma, who witnessed rescue workers attempting to pull people out of a collapsed building in the heart of Van, and who was unaware that he was speaking to an Israeli reporter, told Haaretz that “there are simply not enough professionals. "They work without careful handling. I do not understand why more international crews have not arrived. The Israelis have an excellent rescue team, why isn’t [Prime Minister] Erdogan allowing them to come?“

Again, I’ll say this: this is result of allowing Political Islam enter the political Islam. Now compare it to Israel and what it is willing to do for its citizens. It was only last week where Israel paid a hefty price for ONLY ONE OF ITS CITIZENS by releasing 1027 subhuman terrorists who truly deserve to have a bullet right between their eyes. Israel, who constantly is demonized by this same barbaric government of Turkey, proved to the world what it means to value it citizens’ lives. Israel is willing to sacrifice and release 1000s of terrorists that it has worked so hard to put behind the bar, to secure the life of a single one of its citizens and Erdogan and his Islamic Gang are willing to sacrifice 1000s lives of ITS OWN citizens simply to avoid any opportunity for improvement of Israel’s image in the world and among its citizens. The sickest part is that they have rejected all foreign assistances just to mask and justify such a horrible that was truly politically and religiously motivated. I am sure Turkish citizens and media will not tackle this issue and the result will be 1000s unnecessary dead that could have been rescued. Again, this quote sums it perfectly: Israel will have peace the day that its neighbors love their children (or citizens in this case) more than they hate Israel.

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Anonymous said...

Turkey did accept Israeli aid of several prefabric houses with afew days of delay, not especially related to the political reasons but it was even harder to ensure the security of rescue crews in that region. A separatist terrorist organization called PKK is threatening the region. It would be really unfortunate for such attack to hit the rescue team especially when the tension is so high between countries. We value your life , more than our lives. Thank you alot for the help.

If those 9 people that you called terrorists were allowed into Ghaza, they would have brought medicine and food supplies, so that less people will be forced to join terrorist organizations.

None of the human beings deserve a shot on the head. Every human being deserves to be led to path of truth. Israel will hopefully have peace once it starts to value humanity, not only for its own people but for the world.