Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Government Ploy to Steal Your Money: They will do Your Taxes for You

I read a lot of news on daily basis. Lately it takes a lot to surprise me when it comes to news. Then I came across this article about IRS Preparing taxes. My initial reaction was shocked. This is stupid. This is beyond stupid. Holy Crap!! I cannot believe I am seeing this and this is brought to you by: DEMOCRATS! Well, for those who wants to use these services: This is fraud. If you would like for the United States Federal Government to keep track of your sources of income and be hit with levies in case you run into some tough times, then go ahead and use this system. This is like giving a bully, like IRS, schedule of your classes to make sure that he could find you at his convenience to steal your lunch money.

Here is an advice as a tax attorney to all the readers: do not give any additional information to IRS regardless of your status if it is not required by the IRS. Any information you provide WILL ONLY BE USED AGAINST YOU. IRS is not the friendly agency as they love to make you think. If you have any doubt, please come talk to thousands of our client who are dealing with this ruthless agency.

This new system is another Democrat ploy for their agenda and they are trying to basically keep track of American citizens for their big government goal that would only benefit them.
This will reduce productivity and it will only aid Democrats and their agenda. I really do not understand how low Democrats will go in order to insert their goals. This is basically what they are trying to do in order to deal with the debt crisis. However, the ploy they are using is not cutting their costs and their spending. They are not trying to live within their means, rather the government is simply trying to take the money from others and give that money to other people through other federal entitlement programs. This is what I like to call “redistribution of wealth” and our friends in Democratic Party are the responsible robbers in this case. This program is another ploy to enforce such program. This will not assist the taxpayer in any shape or form rather it provides damaging data to IRS. It simply arm IRS with unnecessary information that would enable this ruthless agency to pick on anybody as they please. To put it shortly, a taxpayer who uses this service is simply stupid. I hope those Liberal Democrats (who by the way tends to be very rude and uncooperative when it comes to solving their tax problems) should use this system and enjoy the fruits of their government and ideology.

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