Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bad Time for Iran!

Things are not too good for Iran. It is amazing how deceiving this corrupt government of Iran has been. First there was the damaging IAEA report on Iranian Nuclear facility that basically confirmed what Israel has been screaming for a decade that Iran is in pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. Then we have had two mysterious blasts in sensitive military and nuclear sites. At first, this corrupt regime tried to hide its shame and its lack of responsibility by all sorts of lies about what the causes of the explosions were. To make matters worse for the regime, they were dumb enough to resort to the barbaric nature of the regime and attack UK Embassy in Iran.
I simply do not understand, but what the hell are they thinking? In this stage, in brink of War where reports are all pointing fingers at a regional war, why would this stupid regime resort to this sort of tactics to attack UK embassy in Tehran. To make matters even worse, they are dumb enough to call the protesters Students. They were not students. They were not the real students in Iranian universities. Those students were suppressed with outmost cruelty. The regime raped those students in their secret jails. These barbarians were the thugs of Basij that is a para-military group in Iran who walk around in plain clothes.
I think the regime miss-calculated their move on this one. They thought that if they could resort to terrorist tactic and barbarianism that is the true nature of this regime, they would be able to somehow twist UK’s hand to back down or win some sort of points with them. The outcome was completely different. The fall out has not been too good for the regime. UK is closing its embassy and sending the Iranian diplomats home. Germany and France have been making moves in solidarity with UK government. At the same time, it has enhanced the push for more sanction against this regime from EU who is a big trading partner for the Regime.
In the middle of all this, I think there is one person who deserves to be shot. This sorry excuse for a sub-human worked very hard to push Iranian agenda during his time in IAEA. Of course, he did win a Noble Peace Prize for his accomplishment which did nothing but bought time for Iran to pursue their goal of building a bomb. This person is ElBaradei. Now he is in Egypt trying to establish a democracy which has been nothing but a disaster. Oh yeah, Muslim Brotherhood has won majority of the seats in the election there too. Awesome! This guy should be shot and instead Europe whose embassies are being attacked in Iran awarded him a Noble Peace Prize.
At the end, I want to commend Israel and its secret services. They are doing an amazing job slowing down Iranian nuclear facilities with little or no mistakes. Iran thinks just because they can build missiles and threat the region with an all-out war, they could simply achieve their devastating and deadly goal of getting a bomb. Israel will not allow that to happen. Israel cannot let that happen and believe me when I say this: Israel will do everything to stop this country from achieving this goal. Israeli scientists have been preparing for such a day for a very long time and they are bringing out their innovation and their new weapons to stop this barbaric regime of Iran. Once again, we see Israel as the leader of the free world trying to save the region just like they did with Iraq and its nuclear ambition. I am truly proud of this country and their accomplishment. Kol Hakavod!

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