Monday, September 10, 2012

Shocking: Pumping More $$ is not Solving Anything!!!

I saw that clip on and I was shocked. I was shocked NBCNEWS is the one playing it. Seriously, as if nobody ever foresees that happen?! Seriously almost a kid who has taken a simple Econ 101 would tell you that unless you have a solid plan, printing money will not solve your problem. Solid plan entails plan to cut taxes in order to allow all more cash flow to increase hiring by companies. Increased hiring will result in increase in spending since the population has more money to purchase different stuff that will result in increase in revenue for the government. Therefore, the national deficit could decrease. However, we are headed the exact opposite of this under the current administration. The Stimulus Package was supposed to do that, except it ended up wasting millions of dollars in Leftists and horrible clean energy companies with absolutely nothing to show for them. The whole argument that Economy would have been worst is nothing but a flawed argument. “It could have been worse” is never justification for lack of competence or creating competence or efficiency. We are going to print money and then increase taxes to solve our sluggish economy’s problem.

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