Thursday, September 13, 2012

Political Maturity Could ONLY be Found in Iran

During these dark times, it is hard to find a voice of reason. It is also very hard to find reason behind something that happened. The biggest irony is that I found the answer I was looking for in a unlikely venue. I have been following the news about the recent Muslims being insulted because someone posted a YouTube video that depicts the Prophet Mohammed in a demeaning fashion. Although I personally do not believe that one should insult another person’s religion especially when it is done in such a malicious way to actually incite religious feelings of millions of people, as an attorney I do not support any movement that would infringe on the 1st Amendment Rights of the United States Constitution. However, the reaction from the Muslim world has been nothing short of barbarianism. Chocking the U.S diplomat to death and then dragging his lifeless body in the streets is absolute barbarianism. It lacks reasoning and logics in every angel that you look at it. Of course, many of the countries in that part of the world are not too friendly with logics and reasoning. They are driven by something metaphysical reasoning that involves either religion and/or conspiracy theory. It is always Americans or Zionists’ faults. I will not go into detail to characterize what happened because the pictures simply speak for itself.

However, I found something that blew my mind away. I actually found it in BBC Farsi on the discussion board. If you want to find mental maturity, you need to read that forum. I am truly proud of how sophisticated and intelligent these comments are when it came to their response to the situation in the Muslim countries. Keep in mind, these guys are Iranians and they are Muslims and they live under a so-called Islamic Regime. There was one particular answer that shocked me. The answer said,

Have you paid attention that these protests happen in backward and dictatorship countries do you know why? It is because these people think in U.S, just like their totalitarian country, makers of a film must first get permit for making the film from the government. After making the film they should go to ‘ministry of education’ to get permission to show the film, and then finally publishing the film. Then they tell themselves “why did this movie get permits to be shown?” They really do not know that the U.S is not like their country where the totalitarian government would even control their sleeping rooms. They make fun of all religions and not just Islam”

This answer nailed it to the bone. Honestly, I have not found a better answer than this anywhere. I have seen a lot of stupid responses from both sides such as “this is a chance for these masses to show their discontent with the U.S foreign policy.” This is was the typical Leftists response that blamed the U.S for everything and it almost made me puke. I believe this Hamed guy nailed it. These people are raised under an environment that everything is controlled by either religion or government. Islam in itself is like that. Look at Islam at its core, Prophet Mohammed was the leader of the religion, leader of the country, leader of the armed forces, and his way of life should dictate how every Muslim SHOULD AND MUST live their lives. As you could see, everything is controlled. Freedom and Free Speech is simply a foreign concept for these people at this point. These regions do not have the political maturity.
It takes years for these countries to abandon this train of thoughts and the only way that could happen is when the concept of “Separation of Church and State” is implemented in the countries in the region. For the time being, do not be shocked to see more similar pictures in the near or distant future.

Let me reiterate this point again: I am truly proud of these Iranians and their political maturity. Majority of the posts were filled knowledge and sophistication. In my opinion, besides Israel, Iran is the only country that has the mental maturity to support a true democracy. The comments were so intelligent and so sophisticated that they could even put a college professor in this country to shame. Kudos to these Iranians.

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