Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Pictures of Mass Starvation in Gaza!

If you read the Pro-Palestinian and Terrorist Apologists website, there is no way that you would not see an article about how the Gazans are starving and it is caused by Israel. At the same time, you will also view comments after comment about how the Terrorist Groups in these areas are Freedom Fighters fighting for the Palestinians. However, somehow the pictures tell a much different story. Here are some of the pictures of these poor starving Gazans. They truly break your heart. (Thanks to Israellycool)

Let's Begin with their vehicles:

As you could see, they are incredibly old. They must be at least six months old. So heart-breaking! Quick Human Rights Group: pass a resolution condemning Israel for this!

More old vehicles! Seriously how could these Gazans live like this?!

Seriouslly! Since Gazans are starving so badly, no wonder they have such old vehicles. These Freedom Fighter groups are spending every dime to help Gaza's starving children to eat some food.

Hey, no wonder the Americans are not listening to Gazans! That's because their communication tools are so out-dated! Quick Human Rights Groups: put out a report portraying a causal relationship between Israel and lack of communication in these territories and how it contributes to Gaza's plight and mass starvation. Come Human Rights Groups, you are falling behind, are you being taken over by Zionists?! Hurry!! Gazans are dying from starvation!!

Seriously, what kind of gun is that? That gun is so old that I have never even seen it anywhere and I have military experience and some weapon training. Poor Gazans: no wonder they are starving, that is because they cannot defend themselves with these old outdated guns.

Gazans have such old weaponry due to the fact that they live in a concentration-camp type of setting that is copied from the Nazis. I am sure the Jews in Ghettos had guns just like this. Oh wait! Holocaust never happened!! Strike that comment!

Gazans live in open-air jail caused by Israel. In this jail, weapons like these are allowed to simply provide food for the starving children. Quick Human Right Groups: condemn Israel for not letting more weapons like these to help the starving people of Gaza. Every jail should allow weapons like these since Gazans live in such a horrible jail.

Hey, what kind of rally is it without showing bunch of starving children?! Despite all Gaza's struggle that is caused by Israel, Gaza is setting up amazing educational programs that uphold and promotes peace. They also denounce violence when it comes to younger crowd. Do not look at the military outfit of this little kid; he lives in such a horrible condition that there were not any cloths available for him to wear, so one of the militants gave him his uniform to make sure he has something to put on. Now that is what you call a true man!

Yup! The Children are the future, let's invest in them wisely.

Everything I wrote up there is actual talking point of every single Pro-Palestinian Groups.

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