Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Direct Negotiation with Iran is a Positive Development!

A lot of people are upset over the NY Times report that U.S is in direct negotiation with Iran. Let me point out that all sides (Iran, U.S, and Israel) have rejected such claim.
More than anybody, the oppositions residing in Diaspora are upset with this news. I do not understand why this is upsetting to them. I personally think it is a positive development.

There is nothing wrong with U.S in direct negotiation with Iran. I think Iran is trying to buy time, but I think that this Administration is smarter than that. I believe that by direct negotiation, U.S is giving one final chance to avoid further sanctions and possibly a war. The sanctions are biting hard. However, the sanctions are hitting Iranians too. I am not against sanctions and I believe if it could prevent war, it should be kept in place. A lot of the Iranian Government mouth-pieces are focusing to cancel these sanctions or get them lifted. I personally believe that these people are nothing but Iranian Government Agents who get paid from that deadly regime. However, at this point, there are only two choices: Sanctions or War! Take your pick.

A lot of these terrorist-apologists and propaganda-mouthpieces are against the sanctions. For these people, they could care less about Iran or the Iranian people. They claim that Iranian people are the reason why they are so against these sanctions. However, they have no clue that if Iran gets the nuclear bomb, it is the end of any hope for Iranians for a very long time. To them, the hatred for Israel is a lot more than their love for their own nation and people.

Direct talk with the U.S could prove two things. One U.S is trying to give one final chance to Iran to make things better. You could relay this in a much clear fashion when you have your opponent face to face in front of you. The message is not going through channels. At the same time, it provides the opposing party with the fact that you are reaching out to them and yet you are firm about your position. This direct negotiation provides such opportunity. You are also calling out your opponent’s bluff.

Even if Iran trying to buy more time, this Administration could design these talk to be one last chance for this government. This could avoid further sanctions and possibly a war. If this could make Iranian’s lives easier and avoid destruction of war, why would it be bad to enter direct negotiations. At the same time, it is important for this Administration to keep all options on the table before entering these negotiations. The reason is because Iranian government should know that there is a high price to pay in case these talks fail and this is their final opportunity.

Ultimately, I do not think these direct negotiations will achieve anything. Iranian government has been lying to the International Community for way too long and they have mastered global deceit and lies. They have lied so much that even they have started to believe their own lies. However, these direct talks are the last hope. These last options should be exercised before the next stage. My wish is that there is a breakthrough in these negotiations that involves Iran stopping its nuclear activity. If not, then bombs away!


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