Monday, November 26, 2012

Paris Hilton Opens a Store in MECCA?!!

Recently, I have checked-out mentally when it comes to politics. There a lot of items to cover with regards to Gaza operation. At the same time, there was the issue with the elections. On top of that, there were a lot of items to cover with regards to Media treatment of the Gaza operation. Iron Dome was a big success for Israel and Hamas has declared victory. I have no clue what they are victorious about after Eight days of fighting. However, I have no energy to tackle any of those issues. Life has become very complicated and work is becoming too exhausting to leave any energy to write anything. I lost one of my best assistances due to brain aneurism. Thank G-d she is OK, but it will be a long time until she could return to work. Therefore, I am swamped at work.

As I said, life has become very complicated. In the mist of all these, I am looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. So, I found this news item that made me laugh. Paris Hilton, the ditsy girl with a home-made porn has opened a store in Mecca. It has caused an outrage among our Muslim brothers. Frankly, as hilarious as it is, I do not blame them. Mecca is considered the holiest city according to Islamic teaching. Could you imagine, this young lady with this promiscuous past, has a business establishment in this town that is named after her? It is hard to comprehend for some people, but it is totally understandable. The fact that this young lady is even popular is contingent on the home-made porn who sky rocketed her popularity. Of course there are the occasional wardrobe maul-functions that have assisted her. Altogether, it must be very hard for Muslims to accept the fact that there is a store in Mecca called “Paris Hilton”.

Although I understand their outrage, I must also criticize it too. Muslims around the globe are too quick to be outraged when it comes to their religions. However, when it comes to their brothers’ lives, if it is not done by non-Muslims, they could care less how many Muslims die. Perfect example of it is what is going on in Syria. Over 40,000 people are dead. Where is their outrage? These people should channel these “outrages” to causes that benefit and advance their culture as oppose to only limiting it to Islam as a religion. For the time being, I thought this was hilarious.

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