Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Denying Jewish History with Straight Face

Israeli election is in full force. There is no question about it. What boiled my blood is this fake bogus outrage by the leaders of the best well-known terrorist organizations of Palestinian people. I am talking about Hamas and PLO (together) who have been outraged by Prime Minister’s act. The act that they are outraged about is the fact Netanyahu decided to visit the Kotel after he casts his vote. Really??!! Are Palestinian leadership truly claiming that Kotel belongs to them? Or are they denying Israel’s and Jewish history? I put my money on the second question to be the answer for this outrage. These people are so vicious in their views that they are denying Jewish history with straight face. And the world wants Israel and Jews to make peace with these animals? Yes I called them animals because they are purposely trying to remove over 3000 years of religion because they simply do not want it to be there. They could use these fake outrage all they want, but Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people all around the world. Kotel is the main sanctuary for the Jews that will never be compromised. If they are outraged by this, then it shows that they are not serious about the prospect of peace. The reason is quite simple, if you cannot respect the history and claim of Jewish people to this land, there is no way in hell the Jewish people will respect you or your people or your culture. If you are sworn to destroy the Jewish people and their history, then you are bound to be destroyed by them. Why? The answer is quite clear: it is called history! I understand the Palestinian leadership has a very hard time coming to terms with history and what has happened. They have also desperately tried to re-write history from facts to fictions; but if they look closer, they will understand that their plan will not work. Abbas wrote his thesis on Holocaust Denial theories. What else do you expect from these so called leaders? And the dumbest part is that the global opinion considers him to be a moderate. Their only results for Palestinian people have been nothing but full blown disaster and as always they try to close their eyes to reality and history. Now, I will wrap this post with this quote from this terrorist leader to show their pure stupidity.

"Netanyahu is trying to gain more Israeli votes on Election Day by provoking the Muslims and soiling the holy sites," a top Hamas figure said. The Islamist group also called for an uprising in the West Bank as a result of the "recurrent provocations."

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