Monday, January 28, 2013

Egyptian Riots Part II

Egypt is erupting again. As I mentioned before in my posts, Egypt has a very long way until it could find stability. Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is high-jacking the revolution just like the Iranian Islamists high-jacked Iranian Revolution. Egyptian opposition is trying to avoid that; however the chances of that happening are very slim if not close to none. The reason is quite simple: Mursi and MB are supported by majority of the Egyptians. There is no question about it. The opposition is trying to portray it otherwise but when it comes to Islam and political freedom, regular Egyptians would choose the religion. It is in their culture and until they live under the Islamic Rule, they will not change that mentality. MB and Mursi lied to Egyptians. They said all the right things before they grasp any power and once they came to power, they started making changes. They created this sorry excuse for a Constitution and they shoved it down the oppositions’ throat. Their main agenda is an Islamic Rule. Islamic Rule, by its true nature, is in direct contradiction to Democracy, individual rights, and of course various freedoms such as Free Speech. An Islamic Court could easily mark anything they do not agree with as blasphemy and hand down executions. If anybody has any doubt or would like to challenge me on this issue, don’t bother. Just look about couple of countries over in the region for a country called Iran. They just executed two people for robbery that did not result in death or sever bodily harm.
MB and Mursi are also connecting with other Islamic countries in the region specifically Iran. It is an uneasy development for the Opposition and of course Israel. Egyptian Opposition is worried because they think MB is going through Iranian Handbook on how to high jack a revolution and removing and killing the opposition with a straight face just like Iranian government did in the early 1980s. Israel is worried because Egypt could simply turn into a supply rout with the support of Egyptian government for terrorist activities in Gaza Strip. Israel desperately needs Egyptian cooperation on this matter.
At the end, Egyptians will be the ultimate victim of MB and their agenda for the region. It could only get worse before it gets better for the Egyptians. However, I honestly doubt that MB or Mursi are about to lose power. Whether they would give-in to Opposition demands and guarantee individual rights, is another story. However, MB and Mursi have Taghieh (which is Islamic Law on lying when it comes to good of Islam) and they could always start lying. Whether they would follow through with fulfilling the promise is another story. So far, they have used Taghieh and they have not fulfilled anything.

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