Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Iranian Thugs Turning Against One Another

Iranian political scene is getting crazier by the minute. This is an election year in Iran to elect the next President. Of course, this election is nothing more than a joke. Iranian government puts forth its allies as candidate by allowing the Guardian Counsil (Majles Khobregan) to choose the people who would be running for this position. However, the craziest part is that the war between the gangs in Iran is heating up. The craziest part is that Saeed Mortazavi was arrested this week. For those who do not know this sub-human, Mortazavi is the chief prosecutor in Iranian Judicial system. He is also the judge in many of the mock trials. These trials were mostly against the protestors and the opposition in Iran. This man is single handedly responsible for torture and execution many of the innocent opposition members. He is also responsible for closing down countless newspapers in Iran. He used to be a close ally of the Supreme Leader Khamenei. However the story is getting even crazier.
There is a huge drift between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei who is the Supreme Leader. Keep in mind, back in 2009 Khamenei picked Ahmadinejad to be the president and that is when Green Revolution started in order to protest that election. However, now the drift is increasing by the minute and they are starting to go after one another. Khamenei is basically dissatisfied with Ahmadinejad and Ahmadinejad is opening his mouth and saying a lot of things that he should not be saying regarding this ruthless regime.
So, what is happening is that Khamenei and the Majles (Parliament) are turning against Ahmadinejad. Some morons are talking about the fact that this is a democratic process. REALLY? Which part of it democratic? Which side is actually elected by the people? That is by far the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There is nothing democratic in this process. This is a war between criminal gangs. This is a power struggle between the groups who see themselves as the leader of Iran. Iranian people, their safety, security, and happiness is not the question here. This is also direct result of the sanctions. It has targeted the pockets of these leaders and now they are turning against one another. If they are not making money, then why should someone else get richer?
This drift between these gangs is a very complex matter. The effects and results of it are yet to be seen. However, I highly doubt that it would be beneficiary for the Iranians. It does provide us with a glimpse of the level of corruption and ruthlessness that this government possesses toward each other let alone its citizens and of course foreign countries. At the end, call it Karma or whatever, but it is Ironic that this ruthless judge is being prosecuted by the same people that he worked so hard to protect. He sent so many innocent people to their death and now he is in jail for the same government. What goes around, comes around I guess.

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