Monday, February 18, 2013

Hezbollah Attacks Three Syrian Villages

Remember when Israel was fighting Hezbollah fighters and the so-called “peace-loving” Left were absolutely in love with Hezbollah? Where are they now? Hello!!! Anybody there?! Hello!!!!
So, Hezbollah who call themselves protector of the innocents and the oppressed has joined forces with a group of people who is responsible for death and massacre of more than 70,000 people. There is a report that Hezbollah fighters have crossed Lebanese border and have actually attacked three villages on the Syrian side of the border that is controlled by rebel fighters. I am not surprised at all. I knew this day would come one day. This group, Hezbollah, is nothing but a terrorist group. They are not resistant fighters, they are not democratic force, and they are not a military force either. They are just bunch of Terrorists trained in Iran to conduct their dirty work. Now the Arab world who loved Hezbollah for fighting Israel should realize who their real enemies are in the region.
The funniest part is that one cannot hear a peek from the terrorist-apologists who were absolutely in love with Hezbollah. How could they justify this? For years, Hezbollah gave itself a look of a humanitarian group who wants liberate Palestine and help the oppressed. However, they have now joined forces with Assad in the mass murder of Syrians. As it is proven by its conducts, Hezbollah never really cared about Palestinians or the oppressed. They are motivated by ideology and politics. They will kill and murder as many innocent people as possible if it would ensure their existence in the region. This time, it is not the Jews who are being murdered. Now it is the Arabs themselves who helped this group at some point. Ohh the Irony!

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