Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Single Lion Among Hundreds of Rats

When I saw this video, the only thing that came to my mind is that I am truly proud of these soldiers. In this that is heavily edited, look how a lion could handle hundreds of rats. Yes, I called them rats. Look at all the Cameras surrounding this soldier waiting for their money shot. Look how they are trying to instigate this brave soldier. Now look at how patient this soldier is, look how he takes control of the situation, he is vigilant, and he is ready to deal every single one of them. At the same time, look how pathetic is the other side putting that flag into his face thinking it could do him any harm. Look at how pathetic they are in their cause and in their actions. Really?!! Freedom fighters are turning in their grave if they would see such thing. What saddens me is the determination of these rats to try to defame Israel. It is amazing and yet so flawed. Also, another perfect image was how those female soldiers were guarding those idiots. I have said it million times, IF THE PALESTINIAN CAUSE IS SO JUST, WHY DO THEY NEED TO RESORT TO EDITING THEIR VIDEOS? WHY DO THEY NEED TO INSTIGATE SOLDIERS IN ORDER TAPE SOMETHING? WHY DOES THIS CAUSE NEED SO MUCH LIES AND DECEPTION? The ending is also amazing too. They create this fake image of this man that was supposedly hurt. He was not bleeding, he was not harmed in any way, nothing in the movie shows how he was hurt, yet they act as if he was shot dead (which I really wish he was shot). At the end, this Palestinian cause is a joke and this video along with thousands others on YouTube are the perfect proof of it. Kudos to these soldiers, the single lions among hundreds of rats.

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Timothy said...

This is gorgeous!