Sunday, July 07, 2013

Egyptian's Funny Message to Obama!

I was not a big fan of Obama and his administration. Notice the word “was”. I am slowly warming up to Obama and his foreign policy. I believe he is learning as time goes on and on. He is getting smarter and abandoning his utopian ideas about the Middle East. I still do believe that a lot of his economic ideas are absolutely disastrous. Being a tax attorney, I am on the front line of witnessing what his administration and government are doing to Business, small or big, in the country. However, I must say what surprises me is the Egyptian protests and their reaction to Americans. I must say this picture made me laugh. Let me stress this fact: I do not believe Obama is firm supporter of Morsi. U.S administration did everything in their power to keep a crucial ally in the region. That is why they supporter the Egyptian military and had diplomatic contacts with Morsi. At the same time, to their credit, they did everything in their power ensure Israel’s security under Morsi. Moris truly HATED Israel. Without a doubt, if it was not for Americans’ interference, Morsi would have ruined the Israel-Egypt peace accords. However, this picture made me laugh. I do not agree with the picture or the message, but I thought it was funny. I must say, the look on the holder’s face should explain that he probably doesn’t believe in the message either. Let me finish with this: until the day that Egyptian society abandon their pure Anti-Semitic views, their country will not find civilized society and advance in the region.

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