Monday, October 14, 2013

Occupy Wall Street Facebook Page

Who said the “Left” is not Anti-Semitism? Well, if you had any doubt take a look at a picture that was on “Occupy Wall Street” Facebook page. Make no mistake, “Occupy Wall Street” is a bastard child of “Leftism”. The worst part of this is that the mainstream media has completely ignored issues like these in order to preserve the integrity of “Left” or “Liberal” decaying ideology. They like to falsely classify themselves as “Progressive” thinkers; however they resemble a lot bankrupt thinkers resorting to “myths” in order to justify their standing or mask their shortcomings. Having said that, now compare “occupy” movement to “Tea Party” movement. “Tea Party” is being bombarded with false accusation of being “Racist” simply because they are standing up to President Obama and his economic policies. They are being labeled as racist in almost every avenue you could look in mainstream media. So, how come “occupy Wall street” is not being exposed to the same exact criticism when in reality they have Anti-Semites among them? Answer is extremely simple: Media Biased that is infected by “Leftist” Virus. It is not the first time and it will definitely not be the last time either that would witness things like this. It is fun to point it out though.

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