Thursday, August 29, 2013

Israeli Soldiers Dancing at a Palestinian Wedding

I saw this and it made me smile. One thing I do not understand is the uproar on both side of this conflict. IDF command is pissed off at the soldiers. Palestinian Authority is not happy either. First and foremost, I can understand the security concerns of this video. These soldiers are not taking into account any of the security measures that have been placed for the protection of these soldiers. However, looking at this video would make you realize that the people in this region are finally moving pass their differences. What amazes me is the beautiful progress in the Palestinian society. I believe we might be turning corner on the situation. I still cannot forget the images of twelve (12) years ago when two soldiers who lost their way and ended up in Palestinian controlled area and they were lynched and burned alive by a Palestinian mob. Now, they are dancing with one another. Maybe it is the effect of Arab Spring that has brought Palestinians to look at the IDF soldier with a different view. Looking up north to Syria where the Syrian army is slaughtering civilians, looking at south where Egyptian police killed hundreds of protesters in one day, and looking at other region, the Palestinians have finally come to realization that these IDF soldiers are very compassionate and discipline guys who are not there to murder Palestinians rather for the safety and security of Israelis and its citizens. They might have also realized that these soldiers are normal like them, normal teenagers after high school who are only fulfilling their national duty. Despite all the security concerns, I have to admit I cannot find anyways to be mad at the soldiers.
Another aspect of finding this video that is very beautiful is the rebuttal for all the anti-Semitic global campaign against Israel about how Israel is an apartheid state and all the B.S. It shows the world that Palestinians and Israelis are not against one another as these terrorist apologists love to wrongfully portray in order to buy sympathy for their hateful ideologies. These groups are mostly formed by people who really hate Israel and Jews as a Jewish country. The well-being of Palestinians and their future is no concern to them. The Palestinians are simply tools for them to channel their hatred toward the Jews and the Israelis. I believe this video shows that Israelis and Palestinians can get along if and when each side make a conscious decision to live side by side, without any hatred, or conspiracy to destroy another in the near future. This is not at a night club; it is actually a wedding in Hebron. I really would like to know what happened that they invited these soldiers to celebrate with them during the happiest days of a couple. Overall, I cannot be mad at these soldiers and I highly oppose any disciplinary action against these soldiers.

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