Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hezbollah's Typical Response

If there ever was any doubt with regards to absolute stupidity and Anti-Semitism nature of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, today’s reaction to the bombing in Lebanon proved it. There was a bombing in Lebanon in Hezbollah’s strong hold. The venue of the bombing had a symbolic value for Hezbollah because Nasrallah often addresses his supporter from this complex. It was a huge bomb that killed twenty people and injured 212. I am not going to argue the details of the bomb or why it happened. When I saw Hezbollah’s reaction, I could not stop laughing.
Without having a single shred of evidence or conducting any sort of investigation, they pointed finger at Israel. Almost immediately an extremist Sunni group declared their involvement in the bombing. Yet, Hezbollah still continued blaming Israel in the process. How desperate and pathetic do you have to be to legitimize yourself like that?
One of the politicians said that the bombing had the Zionists’ finger prints on it. Really? When was the last time Israel ever conducted such an act? When? Israel will always target a specific leader whose hands are usually dripped in Israeli blood. They have never ever bombed a civilian area for symbolic values or just to kill bunch of people. This was a terrorist attack, even though many of the injured or killed were probably terrorist themselves; however the accidental casualty of the act does not provide defense for a terrorist attack. The reason is because the intent of the act was to create fear through hurting bunch of people and strike terror into their heart.
This is the part that amazes me. Middle East is officially burning. From north of Israel to the south, murders are taking place and we see nothing but silence in the Arab world. Hey Arabs: WHERE ARE YOUR OUTRAGE? What happened? Humanity has lost its meaning? Where are the protests? Where are the flag burning? In two years of Arab spring, how many Arabs are lying dead? What happened? Hello? ANYBODY THERE? ANYBODY? ANYTHING? I’ll take anything.
Now the world should see what Israel has been dealing with in the past 65 of years of its history. Constant threat from the same people and governments who are murdering each other in cold blood. Of course the world does not care because of the inherited Anti-Semitism from the previous generation.

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