Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Three Day Forecast for Israel

One of the blogs that I read on daily basis is Israellycool. I saw this and it made me laugh because of the humor and the sad truth about it that has been capturing my thoughts. What happened to the Syrians last week was truly sad and even though they celebrated while Israelis were being burned in buses, they are still innocent human beings who were gassed. I watched the YouTube videos and it really saddened me. I could not believe what I was seeing and this is done to their people by their own people. The part that really got to me was the kids being hurt. On the other hand, I explored the Iranian Terrorist Apologist blogs, those who cry their eyes if a Palestinian terrorist is killed or injured, and I saw not a single peek about the situation.

They are investing their energy on the fact that Syrian Rebels are mostly terrorist and Iranian government and Hezbollah are the savior of the Syria. These same sorry-excuses-for-humanity were also advocating the fact that it is the U.S that caused the Egyptian coup. I am not going to address those issues. The funny part is that the same group of people, when they were asked “why do you care for Palestinian so much when you are not even an Arab,” their response was always, “I care for humanity”. Well! What happened to humanity? What happened to you condemning using chemical weapons against civilians? As it has always been argued on this blog, they vile people with no care for humanity. They are filled with hatred of Israel and Jews specifically. I have had personal relationship with many of these people and almost unanimously they are hypocrites. The same group of people that they were upholding as heroes of the Middle East turned out to be bunch of ruthless killers with absolute disregard for humanity. I understand that situation in Syria is a form sectarian warfare; however, it does not justify any group of people to use chemical weapon against civilians.

The sad part is that the Israel will most likely be dragged into the war if or when U.S decides to punish Assad. If the U.S does not take any action, you might as well say goodbye to American deterrence in the region. The reason is because Assad blatantly violated the red line that Obama drew last year for him. If U.S. does not fulfill on its threat, then it is the biggest injury to U.S. respect around the globe. Obama should have taken action long time ago against Syria. However, unlike Libya, Syria does not have any oil that BP, the biggest contributor to Obama’s campaign, might be interested to keep their contracts. It is subject to another argument. At the end, I really hope that during this conflict, the civilians on each side kept in safe.

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