Sunday, December 10, 2006


Exclusive unedited footage - Lebanese Flag Brought Down...

This is for all those morons who call Hizbollah a defender of Lebanon. This is a clear message to the world what Hizbollah intentions are and what they are after.

Mr Goerge Galloway, please shut the hell up next time about Hizbollah and how Hizbollah is a hero for the Lebanon. Maybe one day Hizbollah acted as a hero, but now Hizbollah is nothing but an Iranian bitch in the region whoes only goal is serve Iran's best interest.

Hizbollah has caused many death and destruction in the region, and no they didn't win anything in that war, they just didn't get destroyed. Israel is still standing ready and strong on the other side of the border, the threat is still there, therefore they didn't win anything.

Hizbollah and Nasrallah are only looking for a way to Islamicise Lebanon and create another Iraniam style Islamic Republic that will only deliver, death, destruction, divide among culture, oppression of women, and many other benefits of the Islamic government that we see in Iran.

Lebanon is going straight toward destruction and another war! Hizbollah and Iran: good job in doing that!

Come one!


Anonymous said...

No offence to all you ignorant people out there, but if Hizballah were not around then who would have protected lebanon? Who would have freed Lebanon form israeli occupation in the past?
U should look at the big picture and learn what their real objectives are before jumping to conclusions based on ur leaders opinions! the leaders who have simply become slaves to the states, obeying their orders and working blindly not for Lebanons benefit, but rather for the benefit of those in the states and in isreal.
I mean, who in their healthy minds would prefer to benefit their enemy rather than their people from their own blood, let alone from the same country.
Seriousely now, with each passing day you and ur 14th of March group reveal the extent to which you are not hoping that Lebanon and its people will re-unite, but instead that we'd seperate and allow foreigners into our land, just like in Iraq. Is that what you want Lebanon to become? U know iraq is not the definition of a perfect country...but if thats ur aim.. then i would like to congratulate u and say GOOD JOB! If thats the way you think, then I believe you have learnt nothing in life, but hopefully after ur governers in Lebanon resign you will realize the difference! LABAYK NASRALLAH!

Ben Kahen said...

Lebanon Uniting? I think the movie spoke for itself and who is doing the uniting and who is doing the dividing!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you dont remember... If Hizbollah did not exist, there would be no reason to remove IDF from Southern Lebanon because they would have no reason to be there. If someone continuosly fired rockets into my back yard I would go in their yard and slap them around a little bit too.

Anonymous said...

People are you ignorant or what? If there was no Hizbollah there will be no need for Israel to stay in Lebanon and there will be no need for it to invade Lebanon. How can you be so blind? They are destroying my country, just liek Yaasser Arafat before them, a puppet of Iran and Syria. No, Hizbollah is not the defender of my country. Only the Lebanese army and Lebanon's people have the right to defend Lebanon, not Syhria.Iran/Arab and misguided Muslims. Lebanon managed to survive far longer than any Arab civilization (if they had such a thing), or Jewish for that matter. it is only the meddling of Arabs and the blindness of the West that brought Lebanon to its knees. But like the Phoenix and like many occasions in our glorious history we will rise again and clean Lebanon of foreign meddlers. George Galaway is an idiot and the laughing stock of the British people. he is misguided by his Iraq1/Arabic wife. if it wasn't for his fear of the media he would have Arabised/islamised himself a long time ago. What a piece of **** .