Saturday, December 16, 2006


Iran’s new intellectual movement has been very productive. As we glance through last week, we could only see one thing, bunch of Holocaust deniers trying to figure out what happened sixty years ago. What is amazing here is that they call such a catastrophic event a myth. Amazingly, they are all anti-Israel and anti-Zionists. Through out Jewish history, this is not a new chapter. We have dealt with people like this every day through out lives and this is a main reason we have Israel today. As Hertzel said it one day, only Jews will defend Jews. However, this is not the topic of my blog today. I want to ask something from President Ahmadinejad.

My question is, you believe in Prophet Muhammad and Islam. You are even willing to sacrifice the whole Iran for the Islam and what the Prophet presented to the world. However, you call “holocaust” a myth? Which one is a bigger myth, something that some guy brought about 1700 years ago or something that happened 50 years ago and people who committed it are saying they did it? You are calling an event a myth when there are eye witnesses and survivors; however you believe in a school thought that is based upon 1700 years ago event? An event which by the way slaughtered your country when the Arabs attacked Iran. An event that took place that went from one country to another. How about if we call Prophet Muhammad terrorist? Or even let’s question whether he is a prophet? We have no eye witness, no proof, nothing!

I am asking these questions not because I support such a school of thoughts, but I see hypocrisy in here. A very strong anti-Semitic hypocrisy that has infested the whole scenario. Funny part is that most of Anti-Israel people have gathered around. We hear the same rhetoric that we always hear from the left and the so called pro-Palestinian. The former KKK leader was there and he was speaking about how the Palestinians have suffered.

Another important and funny part is that they invited this Israeli Arab guy thinking he was going to talk about how Holocaust has destroyed their lives. However, as soon as they realized that he was actually supporting the opposite view of them, they denied him a visa to Iran. Way to go!

In conclusion, this is a sign to all those morons and light headed Jews and so called open minded people and open minded Jews, AS A JEW, NO BODY WILL STICK UP FOR YOU EXCEPT ISRAEL, NO OTHER COUNTRY WILL SACRIFICE FOR YOU EXCEPT ISRAEL, DON’T TRUST ANYBODY EXCEPT ISRAEL! Not 50 years has passed from the biggest crime of our century and there are people are already questioning it. The people who call themselves the most cultured people in the world. Another group are using the same rhetoric and writing, replacing one word with another and doing the same attack on Jews. The replace the word Jew with Zionist and they carry their attack. And then they claim they are not anti-Semitic because they have Jewish friends. They even point out that some Jews are against Israel and always point out to those self-proclaimed Rabies. These small groups don’t even contain one percent of the total population. However, the funny part is that, during Nazis there were Jews who were supporting the Nazis and collaborating with them and standing up to them. We have always had them. Self-hating Jews have always been there. They are not a new reality or a proof that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist.

In the end, they showed their faces, they are anti-Semitic. It is nothing new and it is nothing amazing about it. Don’t be shocked; don’t be depressed, because at the end these will pass too. Hitler passed, Stalin passed, Spanish Inquisition passed, and Jews survived.


Neil Cropper said...

Congratulations on a great post!!
The hypocrisy here is amazing!!
Can you imagine a 'Conference' set up to examine whether Mohammed really existed?? Judging by the violent protests during the Danish cartoons episode there would be uproar whipped up by Islamists all over the world.
This in comparison to the robust peaceful protests against the Holocaust 'Conference', from the Jewish people and their supporters!!
How long can this inverted logic continue?? At least with people like us to highlight this kind of outrage there is hope??!!

Ben Kahen said...

You know what, let me add this, this is a personal belief of many muslims and they are entitled to it as much as they could. However, this sort of behaivor should stay out of politics; these conferences should be held by government because they true and main goal is to create division and utilizing that division to reunite their population for the already dissatisfied masses in their nations.

Christine said...

Islam is not a myth - it's a belief, a way of life, perpetuated by millions of people. You can't really compare Islam and the Holocaust. They are not the same thing. A religion is not an event.

Denying the grounds of a religion is, in a way, similar to the aims of the Holocuast in which social and ethnic groups were eradicated, eliminated. With that, one doesn't have the horror, the suffering, and the inhumanity of mass-murder, but one does have a developing rhetoric akin to the Nazi's racism.

Denying the Holocaust is indeed anti-Semitic. In battling the deniers, however, we must remember not to take a metaphorical "eye for an eye." Attacking another's religion in an effort to defend your own's history will not help your argument.

Ben Kahen said...

Islam was brought by a set of events; as much as we like to think otherwise, Islam is based on a chain of event and a phrophet who delivered it. Now, Holocaust was a set of events too. So these people who are setting up such a conference, their main set of thoughts and goals comes from these chain of events that took place 1500 years ago. Now, I am just comparing their set of thoughts and their way of logical reasoning here. This is not an eye for eye thing.

Ashley said...
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Anonymous said...

The Iranians don't deny the Holocaust. They just want to open the subject to inquiry by all.

It was not a Holoacust denial conference although the Western media had to portray it as such in order to continue to fan the flames for war against Iran.