Monday, December 04, 2006

Hizbullah supporter killed in Beiruit

Hizbullah supporter killed in Beiruit

A Lebanese man was killed on Sunday in clashes that broke out between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in a predominantly Sunni neighborhood in West Beirut, police officials said.

Ahmed Ali Mahmoud, a 20-year-old Shiite Muslim, was shot during the clash in the Tarik Jdideh neighborhood. It was not clear where the gunfire came from, the officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to speak to the press.

JPost correspondent reports from Beirut: Sunnis begin to rally behind Saniora
Tension has been running high in Lebanon, particularly since Friday when Hizbullah supporters began an open-ended sit-in in Beirut in an effort to bring down the US-backed government of Prime Minister Fuad Saniora.

The clash in Tarik Jdideh occurred as a group of Hizbullah supporters were returning from Beirut's downtown and passed through the Sunni neighborhood.

The police officials said the two sides threw stones at each other before the clash before shots were fired. More than 20 others were slightly wounded in similar clashes Sunday evening.

The ongoing protest in downtown Beirut has raised fears that violence would erupt between Lebanon's various religious and political groups.
The Shiite Muslim Hizbullah militant group, which has had an upsurge in political clout after its summer war with Israel, called for the demonstration in an effort to force Saniora to resign.

The Saniora government is largely backed by Sunni Muslims and Christians who oppose involvement in Lebanon's affairs by neighboring Syria, which was forced to end a nearly three-decade military occupation last year.

Hizbullah, an ally of Syria that is backed by many Shiite Muslims and some Christians, contends the fight is against American influence, saying the United States now dominates Lebanon in the interests of Israel.


Good job Hizbollah! Now you turned Lebanon into Iraq. Apparently it is an Iranian tactic to destroy democracy where ever they can. They did the same thing in Iraq. Create a division between Muslims. DIVIDE AND CONQUE BABY! GREAT JOB HIZBOLLAH. MORE POWER TO YOU!


Siamak said...

Will civil war in Lebanon hurt or benefit Israel? No one I've asked can give me a satisfactory answer. The situation is too complex.

Ben Kahen said...

It will definitly by all means hurt Israel. Nothing good will come out of it because Hizbollah will simply slaughter the christians and Sunnis. They are more powerfull than the Lebanonese army; Iran will gain influence in the region and next stop is Israel.

You see, Hizbollah benefits only from War, when the region is in peace, it will only hurt the interest of Iran and Syria.

They only breath the smoke of war in order to survive and they are definitly winning this game in Middle East.

Anonymous said...

It will under no circumstances hurt Isreal, but it will by all means hurt all the Lebanese.
It will actually benefit the Isrealis, i mean this IS THEIR AIM!
Dont you get it? they are trying to create disputes between all the Lebanese people, and the different sects of religion there. If they manage to do that, then they would try to convince the rest, that the only way these conflicts would be resolved is through the entry of forgein troops into Lebanon, and this would then turn Lebanon .. Is that what you want?