Sunday, July 08, 2007

Human Shield, Palestinian Style!

Oh man, this clip surprised me big time. Yes I had heard that Palestinian so-called freedom fighter were using children for protection, however I never imagined the cruelty involved in such action. I just want to point out this video to those who condemn Israel left and right for alleged human-shield cases, yet they turn a complete blind eye to these crime committed by Palestinian involving CHILDREN!! They refer to these groups as righteous groups, freedom fighters, and they glorify these groups’ activities every opportunity they get (which is very rare because of the barbaric and uncivilized nature of these groups), yet they love to somehow find some small detail against Israel to blow it out of proportion and destroy Jew’s image around the globe. I am going to compare the two cases and by the end, it will appear that any sane person without any prejudice or biased opinion should and could differentiate between the two tactics.

Well, let me differentiate the two worst case scenarios. When Israeli commandos conduct a raid on a terrorist nest, they usually grab the guard or someone member of that terrorist cell and they push him inside while the commandos would follow behind him. The reason is very simple: if the terrorist sees his own brother or comrade, he is not going to shoot at the soldiers or at least he is going to hesitate a second or two. It will create an atmosphere of confusion because the other terrorist is going to think twice before shooting at the soldiers when he sees his friend or someone he identifies with could be hurt. Therefore, it gives the soldier 1-3 second advantage to aim and take down the terrorist before the terrorist could pull the trigger. It will basically act as a protector for the soldier. Can it be classified as human shield? Yes, the reason is because you are using a human as your shield. Should be condemned? Depends, if women and children are being used, yes it should be condemned and the violator should be tried. However, if it is another militant or someone affiliated with the house or the terrorist, it should not be condemned. There is not a single shred of hard evidence (such as Video or unbiased witnesses) to prove that Israeli elite units has ever used women or children. There have been stories about it, but again in Palestinian areas, many baseless stories always float around which has no probative value except to be considered as conspiracy theories. It is very understandable why they soldiers use this tactic. The soldier has showed up to fight or he is conducting an activity that is considered a hostile act toward another group of people who are there to kill him. These soldiers use this tactic for their own protections. They have assumed the risks of battlefield to some extend by conducting an activity with such dangerous nature. At the same time, why should Israeli soldiers risk their own life when they could protect their own lives through gaining and advantage by using enemy’s soldiers? What makes the risk of harm to one group more important than the risk of harm to another group?

The next question is what is difference between Israeli soldier actions and the terrorist’s use of human shield as shown in the clip above? The answer to this question has two parts to it. The differences are class of people being used as shield, intent, and the outcome of utilizing such tactic. These so-called Palestinian freedom fighters are using their own citizens for shield. How could a so-called protective force utilize their citizens for safety? These groups identify themselves as protector of Palestine. They should put their citizens’ safety above their own safety, not the other way around. That’s what makes it a coward act. Israeli soldiers are not using their own for human shield. Yes I know people are going to refer to this statement as a racist statement, however when you are in a hostile environment, you are going to utilize anything and everything to protect your men’s lives. The other side is your enemy; it is not the difference of race but rather classification of enemy v. friend. It is a coward act to hide behind your OWN people.

Another difference between the two tactics is the intent of the parties and the outcome of using human-shield. Israeli soldiers use those terrorist for their own protection. Palestinian terrorist use these kids for their own protection too. However they also intent to maximize the benefit by also winning the moral battle too. In here, these terrorist are very well aware that it is unlikely that these Israeli soldier are going to return fire when they see the children. Therefore, they could easily target IDF soldiers without risking their own lives. To complete the mission, they are going to keep shooting at these soldiers to provoke these soldiers to respond as would any normal person when they are being shot at. Therefore the kid is going to get shot and it works just perfectly for the terrorist. No body is going to blame the terrorists for the death of the kid. In Palestinian media, they are going to report that Israeli “occupational” soldiers opened fire on little kids. The Western media is not going to be any different either. The next day’s article in BBC is going to say, “Israel soldiers shot dead a Palestinian kid.” And then the global outcry of Leftists nut jobs and anti-Semites are going to follow. Therefore, the outcome and intent of using this type of human shield is very different than IDF commando tactic. IDF’s outcome and intent is simply protection of its units, terrorists’ intent and outcome is basically provoking Israeli response and defamation of Israel’s character on the global scene and buying more sympathy for their evil cause.

The tactic that Israeli elite forces use for their own protection is not very rare. Almost every single SWAT or anti-terrorist task unit around the globe, regardless of race or religion does utilize this because it gives their unit an advantage. However, the U.N Human Rights Commission loves to pick on Israel and treat Israel very unfairly. They seem to completely ignore Palestinians tactics and instead condemn Israel for the death of Palestinian kids. Do they even know that they are being used as a tool by terrorist groups? It does not make a bit difference between intent or outcome or anything logical for such commission, because they have ulterior motives for condemning Israel. However, I just hope people come to their senses and differentiate between the two cases now. I keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

the video is no longer available. meaning this entire post was a waste of ur time. hahaha.

Ben Kahen said...

What kind of stupid logica is that? That means if I get this video from different source, it wasn't a waste of time?

Come on man, whoever you are, don't even waste your time in law school because you'll fail ever clas.