Monday, July 30, 2007

Islamic Republic of Iran’s Style of Entertainment

I have decided to post another segment on IRP’s form of entertainment and translate it. It is for the world to see the type idiots who have taken over Iran and Iran’s rich culture and replaced it with public hanging. This song is a follow up why we have public hanging in Iran today. The translation is fairly accurate but there are parts of it I am not sure of because it is sometimes hard to hear what he is singing.

“If you haven’t seen crazy, they call us crazy. If you haven’t heard crazy, they call us crazy. I used to be smart one day too, your love drove me crazy; it drove me out of the city sane people. Sanity has escaped my brain and craziness has replaced it. Whatever you have to say, say it to G-d because He has taken away my sanity. Whoever is happy with their lover, my lover is Hussein (symbol of Martyrdom in Shia religion); and the one has stolen my heart, my voice is Hussein. Instead of being a lover, they call us crazy. Let them say whatever they want to say, bad or good we’re crazy. I used to be smart one day too, and your love drove me out of city of sanity”

My thoughts:
Look at the word right behind the singer (Helali); it says “Shaheed” which means martyrdom. By the beat you are hearing is not clapping but rather they are either hitting their head or chest. This clip is for those who are trying to figure out what happened to Iran that resulted in the clip of my previous post (hanging of three people). This is what has happened. The religion of peace has become the authority of the government. This guy is openly saying that he is crazy and insane. If this was a private practice, such as people practicing their religion, it would be ok. However, this is type of activity that government is actually encouraging and using as idea form of humanity. Iranian ruling government is truly an insane government. Whether it is the love of G-d or martyrdom or Hussein, it is irrelevant. When you have a group of people like this ruling a government, the value of human life will decline in that region. These guys that you are watching are the ruling government of Iran and they openly defy what the world considers to be logic. This song is a perfect example of who is in charge in Iran and what their ideology is and logical it is to allow such a group acquires nuclear weapons.


Anonymous said...

ehh, I like this shi3i better :-D

Ben Kahen said...

Oh that is an old one!

You see, no one has seen this one; neither have they heard what this moron is singing.

Funny part is the opposite view has resort to personal attacks just to hide their frustration.

That means I am doing something right here!

Ben Kahen said...

Let me correct myself:
I did not mean to say the opposite view, I ment to say terrorist apologists and fascists/nazis sympethizers who openly support David Duke and Holocaust deniers!

Some of them have this sick obsession with my physical appearance that is rooted in their hatred toward me.

Oh well!

:) said...

Looks like the Christians in Metn didnt vote according to what the US (and Israel) wanted. Notice the racist attacks against the Christians in Lebanon, Armenians in particular, from the Hariri Bush/Saudi/israeli supported govt. and its allies.

Ben Kahen said...

relevance to this video?

Anonymous said...

"Funny part is the opposite view has resort to personal attacks just to hide their frustration.

That means I am doing something right here!"

You must have memory loss. You got so punked in the previous debates that you went back and deleted your own comments and you resorted to making facts up out of thin air.

You got served both about Middle East politics and Copyright law Mr. "Boycitt."


Ben Kahen said...

In the last segment, I did believe I destoryed your friend's argument on two occasions. And then she resorted to data that was totaly bogus.

However, it is irrelevant in this case, but I am glad to see you guys pissed off.