Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another Amazing Video from the Holy Land

When I saw this video, I was very shocked. We always hear about Israeli1 bravery and how they maintain security especially in the most sensitive part of the country which is the “Old City” where emotions runs high and two religions clashes. This video is the living proof of what it means to be brave.

The story was covered in all new agencies with their version of what happened. Click here for the story. The amazing part is how the Jewish guard charges toward the guy and attacks him while the Arab guy is pointing the gun straight toward him. It is where you see Israelis care for each other, because instead of running away he went after him himself. He knew if he would have allowed him to get away, he would have shot somebody else. Another amazing thing about this video is how clear the cameras are and how many there are out there.

Just imagine if there wasn’t any camera, I can see the article in fascist and terrorist apologist sites talking about how Israelis are such horrible people who shot a Palestinian man cold blooded execution style in broad day light. But again, this is truly an amazing video!


Anonymous said...

I saw that video. He takes the gun from the security guy and then (unsurprisingly) gets shot AFTER shooting at several other people.

But the really annoying part is M.E media reads "IDF soldier kills innocent Arab execution style"

I was like "wtf?"

I swear, the propaganda over there is as bad as it was in Nazi Germany. ESPECIALLY in Jordan, Palestine and Pakistan.

And Saudi Arabia...wait...I guess everywhere but Israel.

Anonymous said...

wow...this is insane. I could just imagine the stories if this video wasn't out.

Ben Kahen said...

Oh well, there is nothing new about this sort of coverage in Middle Eastern Media. The crap whole that they are in today is a direct result of this sort of media coverage. The lies and deciets has cought up to their public image in the world and it has bankrupted their economy in every aspect.

I cannot wait until I hear some of these terrorist apologists to start citing to some so called "historians" where they got data from "Israeli Archives" that these two gaurds were speaking before the act saying, "we hope this guy take our, so we could kill him and ethnically cleanse Arab population!"

There is always some stupid lame excuse, always!

Anonymous said...

No one denies the fact that Israelis care for their own. The sad thing is, that the IDF kills non-Jews (those it occupies) without flinching, and if it turns out to be a civilian (usually it is), then some nonsensical investigation is launched and then the event just gets forgotten (as well as the "investigation).

Sucks to be non-Jewish in Palestine.

Ben Kahen said...

Let me separate the two issues:

Israelis care for their own because through out history no one cared about Jews. Even today, when Jews get slaughtered in a terrorist attack, only condemnation and two hours later, another U.N meeting condemning Israel.

However, about civilians, well once you have terrorist activity in civilians areas, what did you expect? When you have military activity that is going to harm the interest of another nation in your cities, of course there will be action that is going to cause civilian death. It is sad, it is unfortunate, and it should be minimized, but they are unpreventable without jeopardizing the security of your own people!

Anonymous said...

This is precisely what makes you a Zionist-terror apologist. You justify (rather unsuccessfully) the murder of civilians. And when it comes to Lebanon, you call for their murder to punish them for supporting Hezbollah.

You are a sick little man. SICK!

Ben Kahen said...

Well, you make an assertion without supporting it, you claimed that I unsuccessfully tried to justify, yet you fail to state why. You failed to show any reasoning or any argument to support your point. You just resorted to personal attack and claimed that I am an apologist and proceeded to call me sick.

That my friend is the reason why you are irrational and your argument and assertion are simply irrelevant.

:) said...

I dont know who was arguing with you above, and dont care, but this is too funny:

"Well, you make an assertion without supporting it, "

hahahahahahaha. This is too funny. Hey Arash. Evidence for Israel apologizing for killing the Lebanee shepherd? Evidence of HRW calling Jenin a massacre? Evidence for Hezbollah using machetes to cut down and massacre Christians like the Phalangists did to Palestinians?

Were waiting, and well see whether you allow this to be seen.

Ben Kahen said...

You see :):

I only allowed this one because you are lowest of the low, how? Well, you still resort to make stupid remark about physical appearance.

1. You need to get a life, honestly! How the hell do you have this much time to waste and come up with this kind of crap that you are presenting is beyond me.

2. I am not going to take time away from my finals to try to convince you or even argue with you anymore. I have seen the way that you responded to the other terrorist’s respond, and blamed the holocaust and anti-Semitic rhetoric there on me, therefore you are again, completely in denial about what you are selling.

3. After I destroyed your assertion about "97% of Lebanese don't want peace with Israel", you changed your argument, and I let that go, but again you seem like you really have a lot of time to spare.

4. I don't know if I said it or not, but I gave you a warning before, refrain from personal attack, like that other moron, and yet you continued making jokes that honestly describe nothing but your ugly personality, therefore you are banned! I gave you more than one warning.

5. You make jokes about my appearance, yet you don’t show your own face and you don’t even use your own from fear of reprisal, just like your brothers in Al Qeada, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and …. you hide behind your computer screen and make personal attacks on people’s look. Oh well, once you defend a terrorist, I guess you adopt their tactics too!

So for now, you are banned and don’t tell me I did not warn on several occasions.