Monday, August 27, 2007

Hamas’ “Social Programs”

When I saw this article I was shocked. Terrorist apologists and news agencies love to justify and legitimize existence of Hamas through Hamas’ public programs for Palestinian society. These groups claim that Hamas is not a terrorist group. Many in news organization especially in Europe tries to justify having relation with Hamas because of their social programs and their hospitals. I bet this helps their position.

Gaza's Islamic Hamas rulers ordered striking doctors to shut down their private clinics on Monday, in a challenge to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas that threatened to deepen hardship in the long-suffering territory. The faceoff has largely paralyzed Gaza's medical system, putting it at the mercy of the rivalry between Hamas and Abbas' Fatah movement. Hamas seized control of Gaza in June after routing Fatah forces, while Abbas formed a new government in the West Bank. Hospital doctors across Gaza launched a work slowdown earlier this month to protest the arrest of a prominent physician allied with Fatah. On orders from Abbas' West Bank government, which pays their salaries, most curtailed their daytime hospital schedule to three hours a day, receiving patients afterward in expensive private clinics. Hamas struck back Monday by ordering the immediate shutdown of the clinics. Doctors who do not comply will be fired, and clinics will also be scrutinized to ensure they are properly registered and licensed, Hamas officials said. "We are not going to play with the health sector," said Khaled Radi, a spokesman for the former Hamas-run health ministry.

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The funny part is none of the major news agencies especially BBC covered this story. I wonder why?! Another question is what happened to the whole social programs for Palestinians? How are they going to explain that Hamas is helping Palestinians and they are not corrupt? How are they going portray Hamas as this human-loving group whose only goal is to help and assist Palestinians and it is Israelis who are picking a fight with them? The answer is pretty simple: Hamas is a terrorist group and those social programs are nothing but PR stunt to justify their terrorist activities in the eyes of Westerners and Palestinian. Now that they are faced with opposition, they are willing to take away the most basic and crucial element of the Palestinian society which is health-care for their political stability. These social programs are nothing but terrorist recruitment centers. The schools are nothing but brainwashing centers and the hospitals are nothing but a form of bribe to the population. Again, the terrorist apologists are now sitting quietly without a peep and let this one passes too.

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Anonymous said...

Ben, why are you surprised? Even Arabs know it too. There was no need to waste your time on it.