Thursday, August 16, 2007

It is the Zionists’ Fault!

Palestinians are very cultured people and it is Israel’s fault that they are in the situation they are today. These are the words from this liberal in England. Click here for her outragous stupdity. Well, on that same day, this article came out.

PA soccer tourney named after terrorist

A school in the West Bank town of Tulkarm this week organized a soccer tournament named after Ziyad Da'as, a Fatah terrorist, Palestinian Media Watch reported on Thursday. Da'as planned a 2002 attack in Hadera in which a gunman opened fire with an M-16 rifle at a bat mitzva, killing six and wounding 30. He was also behind the kidnapping and murder of two Israelis in Tulkarm in 2001. Da'as was killed in an IDF operation in August 2002. Reporting on the tournament, Al Hayat hailed Da'as as "one of the brave people of the Palestinian resistance, whom the Israeli occupation forces assassinated in cold blood." The Palestinian daily reported that the tournament took place in a Palestinian school and that the committee that organized the tournament thanked the school administration "for providing the means for its success."

I guess Palestinians are extremely cultured who name a school after a terrorist who murdered six innocent civilians and wound another thirty in a Bar Mitzvah. Stupidity of the terrorist apologists never fails to amuse me. It is never their fault. It’s never their fault that their educational system is more like a suicide-bombing recruitment center. It is never their fault that corruption has the first word in their politics. It is never their fault that the only their dedication to civilized society is suicide-bombing. It is never their fault.

Sixty years ago, it was Jews’ fault. However, it is politically incorrect to say such thing and it would simply discredit this argument. Now let’s replace the word “Jews” with “Zionists” and use the same rhetoric’s. What would be even better is to have a self-hating Jew who is Jewish simply through parents say same these things, so no one could suspect anything and it will even provide intellectual value for it.

These evil Zionists are just way too smart and it is their entire fault. Bad Zionists!


Anonymous said...

Like I've told you before, if you recall, my opinion is that the people who actually had land taken from them have the right to be pissed.

My late grandfather had the right to be pissed about how much land his family lost. (but he didn't dwell on it, only cursing at the occasional ultra-zionist on the news, yet never praising terrorist fucks... racist? Maybe, but in his opinion, there were palestinians who were sane, and those were christians/druze. There were palestinians who were out of there ever-loving minds... and there were muslims.)

Now, the people who were raised by the, shall we call them "people out of their ever-loving minds" (cough muslim extremists cough cough) really never lost anything, and they're harboring an unhealthy resentment and hatred towards people who didn't have anything to do with where they were born and raised, let alone how their ancestors acquired that land.

Look at it like that, and it seems kind of silly... Montague v. Capulet, Ã la Romeo and Juliet.
Even sillier?: syrians, iranians, etc. with hezbulla trying to wipe israel off the map. WTF? It's like how France wanted to help the Union during the US civil war... They just don't have a place in the fight. "Sorry, pierre, go home. You'll only complicate things"... "Sorry mohammed, go home. You'll only complicate things."

But, please, don't lump all palestinians into one group. Don't assume they're all nuts.


Anonymous said...

interesting, but what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Jews are evil

Anonymous said...

If the ANC had taken up terrorism seriously in South Africa would that negate the political rights of black people? You cannot justify Israeli human rights abuse as legitimate in the face of Palestinian glorification of terrorism.

Ben Kahen said...

South Africa has nothing in common with Israel or does resemble it at all.

At the same time, killing civilians in buses should not be justfied by empty claim of right. If Palestinians truely wanted peace or if their leaders really wanted it, it would have happened.

Anonymous said...

It scares me a lot that so many Israelis and Westerners help extremists and terrorists in their propaganda campaigns. I still cannot understand how Ilan Pappe can declaim Israel as an "Apartheid state" and as responsible for "symbolic genocide" from the lecturns of Haifa University or how Uri Avinery and other Israelis like him can blame the entire situation on Israel and "Zionists" and ignore their numerous experiences which should point out the contrary.

Ben Kahen said...

You see, through out history we've always had sell-out and self-hating Jews. I will write something about this whole history later. But to simply point out, even during Nazis, there were Jews who bought into the whole Nazi crap and they actually collaborated with them. Whether it was forced or trying to survive is another story. However, during the age of communists, Jews were very actively involved in that movement and if you read communist manifesto and the chapter on the Jewish question, you will see how judaism was viewed by communists. By the way if you think Hitler killed Jews only you are deeply mistaken. Because the liberal leftist media in here is/was in love w/ the leftists ideologies of communism, they never talked about it, but communists killed just as much jews as hitler did. Well to finish my point, see Jews were very much involved in communist movements and it still didn't work. Therefore, this whole self-hating thing is nothing new. It has always been there. Their number is pretty small, but the make a huge noise. As you could see they always come from rich elites or the so-called educated part. Marx was a an educated Jew and look what he wrote about Jews. It is nothing new! Just the same old history repeating itself.

Ben Kahen said...

Here are some info for that idiot freak who is somehow has nothing to do in this mortal soil except to sit back and obsess about my physical appearance and then try to discredit Jewish history. Well, since she is claiming that Jews were never killed in Soviet, they were never persecuted; here are only minor accounts what really took place. We don't know exactly how many people were sent to work camps in Siberia and what percentage of them were Jews. However, according one account, on one occasion in Ukraine, 100,000 were killed. That is in one occasion. During Nazi take over of part of Soviet Union, the estimated number of Jews killed is about one million. My point is that through out history, Hitler was not the first person who committed atrocious crimes against Jews. Persians in Mashhad did it about 100 years ago, a report of which Dr. Pirnazar is currently working on in U.C Berkeley. Spanish did it during Spanish inquisition. Iraqis did to Jews after 1948. Persians again did in during Safavieh’s rule in Iran in the city of Esfahan (which by the way is regarded by IRA’s history book as one of the best rulers of Iran, I wonder why?). Anyways, this is the last time I will ever waste on this pathetic shame to humanity with her sick freaky obsession with my physical appearance. Just a suggestion: get a boyfriend and satisfy those urges some other way instead of being obsessed with my looks!

And the last and definitely not the least:

Another self-hating Jew that I forgot to mention: Trotsky

I can't believe the stupidity and anti-Semitism of this moron who is now denying history; first her sick freaky obsession, then her love for Finkelstein is who has been discredited from Academia as a fraud and he can't even get tenure in the college that he teaches and his books are best sellers in Holocaust denying world and KKK and he attended the Holocaust denying conference, and NOW this idiot is saying soviets did not kill Jews!

You might be a good debater and have a lot of time in your hand, but seriously deep down inside, you are a hateful subhuman.

I can't even believe I wasted this much time on this idiot!

Anonymous said...

ok Ben, you're close but slightly off base. the communists killed many jews but they didnt kill as many jews as the nazis, the number would then have to be 6 million killed by nazis, 6 killed by communists. That brings it to 12 million jews killed, which is impossible since all of europe only held 9 million jews.

the communists could have however gotten pretty close if Stalin was successful in sending all the jews to the Jewish Autonomous Republic that he created in the Far East where he meant for a lot of the jews to die on the way there.

Anonymous said...

BTW, nothing short of changing the political actors in israel will achieve any results in changing anyone's opinions. the likud may scream all it wasnts but when its mocked by the three major leftist newspapers(Yediot Ahronot, Maariv, Haaretz) and the major leftist tv channels, its a hopeless battle. what israel needs is a fox news or a wall street journal, or a talk radio, to at least incite some sort of debate. instead what we have is leftists arguing with leftists on national television and in print of what rightists are thinking about.

Althought perhaps Yisrael Hayom is a step in the right direction, hence the scathing attacks from haaretz.

Ben Kahen said...

You see, I am not saying Hitler killed seven million, but rather in Russian, Communists more Jews than Hitler did in that country. Hitler has killed about a million Jews during his murderous attack on Jews in Russian. Communists Russia has killed more than one million.

Anyways, about that sick freak, I told you I won't waste any time on you anymore! Unlike you, I have a life and a very hard one. Since you are very imature, I told you and gave you warning do not resort chidish insults, yet you continued, therefore you are banned. Like I said, get a bf, maybe you'll start looking and actinig like human a bit.