Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Lynch Scene from the Religion of Peace!

Americans did it! No better yet Zionists did it. No wait, Jews did it. It’s Jewish conspiracy to discredit other religions and the poor people just felt for it. I cannot write anything against it. I am just wondering how come the world loves to condemn Israel left and right, and yet turn a complete close eye to this.
I can’t write anything, I can’t think of anything after watching this. Note: one idiot apologists tried to say that this was Yazedists who did this because she converted to Islam, yet there was absolutely no sources for his/her claim. If that wasn’t bad enough, he/she tried glorify Al Qaeda by saying that Al Qaeda took revenge by blowing up the whole town. This is very shameful. First they blame someone else, and then they try to glorify a group that conducted this kind of activity on daily basis in Afghanistan during Taliban regime. What is wrong with these people?
I don't want to thank him for this video, but I have to give credit to Tony for this video.
Thanking someone for such video is not a humane way to deal with it.

Someone provided with the source about the claim that it was Yazedists who did this. Click Here for the source. However, it still doesn't change the fact the guy was trying to glorify Al Qaeda act.


Anonymous said...

You made me cry Ben....I can't believe such cruelty exists...My G-d!

I'm sorry but these ppl are just triggered a huge hatred within me right there toward them.

Ben Kahen said...

I felt the same way, the same hatred, but again we need to differentiate between us and them. This is the key. We CANNOT turn into them because they are acting like that. I do understand that this clip makes it pretty hard, but we just cannot turn into them or respect or follow any of their values.

Anonymous said...

Who was the person getting beaten?

Ben Kahen said...

It is one of their own, another Yazedist (female) who is suspected of having inter-religion relationship or has converted to another religion.

Just one question: would they have done the same thing if it was a guy?! I really doubt they would.

Anonymous said...

Ben its tony im not trying to glorifying or anything if thats what u mean maybe i understood wrong lol anyways this vid is the female converted to sunne (islam) to marry a man she loves when the yazedets found out this is what they done to her then al qauda responded by puttin oil trucks full of explosives to which killed more then 500 people