Monday, September 10, 2007

When Jews Suffer, Others Celebrate!

Today was a sad day for Jews. Two Kassam Rockets hit and wounded 66 Israeli soldiers. (Click here for the full story). This happens while our beloved Prime Minister Olmert met with Palestinian leader Abbas. Someone needs to smack this idiot and say 66 of your sons are wounded and you are meeting with Palestinian leader to discuss “Peace”! What the hell is wrong with this idiot? Has he gone senile already? Olmert cannot make peace with these idiots unless he clears Gaza from terrorists just like Mofaz did to West Bank in Defensive Shield. Israel needs to hit Gaza and go house by house and take these terrorists out. Other than that, events like this will be routine in every day lives of residents of Serdot. One blow, one mission, and give the control back to Palestinians. However, it might backfire and make Hamas popular again. According to latest pole if elections were held today in Gaza, Fatah would win by a landslide. However a mission to take out Hamas and Islamic Jihad is needed in order to prevent an event like this to be repeated again.

Now, the terrorist apologists are celebrating the casualties that Israel has suffered. This shows their true animalistic and barbaric nature. This is what you would observe only in people and causes who identify suicide bombing a form of "justice" and "resistance". Just like 9/11 when Palestinian celebrated the death of Americans, these idiots are doing the same thing which is celebrating the suffering of Israelis. It is nothing new. It is kind of ironic to see them celebrate on the eve of aniversary of 9/11. Acts like this are in their nature and nature of the causes they support. Funny part is that these terrorist apologists try to advertise their cause as the "justice forgoten" or “humanitarian” causes. Well, I never knew being barbaric is considered to be "just". You could look at the bright side of this event and say that at least no one got killed. To me that is a miracle. Let the terrorist apologists celebrate, yet this picture is the best answer I could give them.

Hamas is calling this even a “divine victory”. Click here for the story. I guess this is just like the “divine victory” that Hezbollah had. What’s with these groups claiming “divine victories” for every event? Actually, it more resembles a miracle for Israel. The rocket came in the middle of the camp where they were all sleeping and not a single person was killed. If that is not a miracle I don’t know what is.


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Anonymous said...

Well those sub human scumbags were celebrating 9/11 with the kassams. They were giving out candy in the streets of gaza celebrating their wicked wicked acts just like they did on 9/11/01.
i didn't expect anything else from these Pali beasts.
I am waiting to see what SmOlmert is gonna do after this attack. i don't expect him to retaliate, I think he will gift wrap har HaBayit and Yesh and give it to hamas.
heaven help us all.

medvegonok said...

Technically it is not a problem to stop rockets: divide the enemy land into squares and make them clear that if there is a rocket out of the square everything is grounded there. They want to live somewhere, aren't they? Garbage-in, garbage-out. The only point is that this will cause too much causalities and none wants to use such means.
The answer of Mr.Peres to this issue was: "Nanotech beats rockets". That is, cover all the area with hornet planes and knock down by artillery or whatever, everything that appears similar to launchers.


Ben Kahen said...

Animals will always be animals, no matter how much they try to educate thesemvles and try to hide behind and bring proofs of their case. They will still remain animals and they show their ugly faces once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what these arabs want
they have forced us pakistanis into this mess too
why cant tehy just learn from Israel how to be a tolerant and great nation
Israel we love you from your pakistani and afghan supporters

Anonymous said...

I don't think animal is the right world to be used for these non-humans. No animal kills of its own specie. These non-humans kill their OWN "brothers" in cold blood. I don't think peace will ever be achieved between Israel and these non-humans. It just doesn't make sense to me!
While humans embrace and promote life, these non-humans follow and bring death. Death to those who bring death. Let them join their 72 virgins in the hell.

Ben Kahen said...

I'm very glad to see lack of response from those animals to the fact Palestinians celebrated or \ how barbaric that act is. Instead they resorted into making empty claims such as Hamas is not a terrorist group because they targeted military installation. Ok, a group is still a terrorist group when they target civilians like these groups do in launching their rocket. Their arguments are so empty that they look into something as small as that to make their argument sound sane. Another thing they claimed, just because I said we need another “defensive Shield”, I supported an act of a tank rolling over a guy on wheel chair. This is the type of argument techniques they use to make themselves feel good about their stupidity. Just because that happened in defensive shield, doesn’t mean it will happen again or it was routine practice to role over guys in wheel chair. Therefore, this claim is invalid and frankly just like the author of it pretty stupid. This is the last time I would respond to these animals due to their barbaric behaviors such as name calling, insulting, prank-calling, and many other acts that honestly shows how pissed off they must be. It is however kind of fun to see them pissed off like that to resort this sort of actions. It is like the town's retard who screams and will do anything to be noticed!