Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iran is Itching to be Attacked

Iran is playing with the fire. I wrote it in the previous post about how Iran is desperate to restore its image. Now, they are going a step further. I think they are actually trying to stir up some sort of conflict in order to buy the support for the regime just like the way they did the same thing during Eight Years with Iraq that was over two years into the wear. However, they chose to continue the war in order to use that as an excuse to murder and wipe out the opposition groups and establish full control over the nation. It worked beautifully. Their excuse: We got Attacked! It was the Iranians and Khomeini’s terrorists who tried to mingle in Iraqi’s internal politics by trying to support a Shia Uprising against Saddam. They called it “exporting our Islamic Revolution” and it is well-documented in Montazeri’s Memoires. Saddam took advantage of the opportunity and attacked Iran.

Iran has been threatening the region by closing down the Strait of Hormuz and now they are tracking and filming American Aircraft Carriers. If that is not enough, they publicize such an act which is nothing but act of desperation or stupidity. A well capable military would never ever need to televise its intelligence reports or capabilities on the state televisions. The situation is getting worse by the hour and Iran is escalading the situation by their stupid comments or acts in order to provoke the Americans. ( However, there are more to these acts and I think it is absolutely brilliant.

It seems to me that the Iranian Regime is basically trying to pull the same stunt. I think they are trying to somehow agitate Americans or the Israelis to attack them. They are full-well aware of the fact that US will not conduct full-scale war and take over the country given Afghanistan and Iraq situation. Therefore, any military strike would be a simple tactical military strike in order to destroy Iran’s military installations and Nuclear Facilities. Ultimately, the regime will stay in power and they could use the same excuse that they got attacked. It is a total win-win situation for them.

Given this day and age and the technology, I hardly believe they could simply buy Iranian support if Iran gets attacked. With the progress of social media and its usage in Iran, I don’t think Iranians would be fooled into supporting this deadly regime. I believe they are going to use this attack as an excuse to launch full scale war against the opposition and completely wipe them out. I mean mass graves and mass executions would be underway for anybody who dare to question a simple thing about this regime.

In conclusion, Iran is itching for an attack. That’s why they are doing stupid things like this to agitate the world powers. They know that the globe is thirsty for oil and no matter what happens, their product is in high demands. Russia and China will be more than glad to get that oil. However, they need to stay in power and I believe a military strike against Iran will ensure its survival if it is a tactical strike. The questions is whether survival of this regime is worth allowing this regime to become nuclear, and the answer is a clear no, because if they do grab the bomb, then there is no stopping this regime. Therefore, I am sorry Iranians, I believe you guys are doomed!


fotograf ślubny said...

great article man :) problem with nuclear weapon in Iran is one of the biggest in modern political affairs

Ben Kahen, ESQ. said...

Thank you very much for the kind words.

Iranian deadly regime has to be stopped. If they do not have the mercy for their own citizens, G-d forbid the day that this regime acquire a nuclear bomb.

eternalsleeper said...

I hope they get their wish. Send the mullah's to their Allah in Hell and let the decent Iranians take back their country.

Ben Kahen, ESQ. said...

Whether they get this wish or not is a mystery. However, I believe it is only a matter of time that Iran will be attacked one way or another.

Iranian government is a very mysterious regime. You never know how or when they will try something stupid, but you definitely know something is about to happen. We just have to sit and wait.