Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This Man is Innocent

This man is an innocent man. For those who don’t know this guy, Iranian Terrorist Regime accuses this man of spying. According to the reports, he has entered Iran three months ago. He wanted to visit his sick grandmother and that was it. The Iranian Regime picked him two weeks after he had entered Iran. According to Telegraph, Iranian Prosecutor who is more like Iranian death squad has asked the Iranian sorry excuse for judicial system for Death Penalty against this poor innocent man. The question is why? Why would Iran accuse this man of espionage if he is really an innocent man? The next question how could Iran make such a claim? The answers to both of these questions are incredibly simple if you have ever resided in Iran. If you have not and/or do not know anything about this, then it might puzzle you.
Why would Iranian Barbaric regime accuse this innocent man of espionage? What is the point? What do they get out of it? The answer is incredibly simple. Look at my previous post titled “Bad Times for Iran”. Iran is going through some tough times. Iranian regime has been taking some serious blows in the world of Intelligence warfare. For a very long time, the Western Powers including U.S. and Israel monitored Iranian Government and their terrorist intelligent services. However, they never openly and directly engaged them. These Western Intelligence Units never directly engaged Iran and its units within Iran. The reason is quite simple due to 1950s CIA failures that literally destroyed a working democracy that planted the seed for Islamic Revolution of 1979 and Iranian hatred for America. However, things have changed significantly. The US is trying to prevent Israel from engaging Iran militarily. Now they have started Cold War style warfare against Iran that includes covert activity to sabotage Iranian Nuclear Ambition.
Recently, Iran has been taking many hits. The mysterious explosions has been incredibly damaging to the rulers of Iran. It has severely damaged Iranian capabilities when it comes to intelligence warfare. It has undermined Iranian Regime’s ability to control its sensitive sites and their ability to protect them. Therefore, Iran is in desperate needs to restore its power that has been undermined by these bombings and activities. Iran’s regime was under impression that they are in full control. They thought that they could simply deter any country to directly engage them militarily by holding the whole world hostage and its missiles could defend Iran. They had under-estimated American intelligence power. They wanted to play with the big boys when it comes to intelligence and now that they are playing, they have realized that they are pretty week. They are using this innocent man to restore such belief in Iranian Regime’s powers.
There is absolutely no proof that this innocent man is a spy or he was involved in espionage. There is not a single shred of proof, paper work, conversation, or anything like that to prove that this man tried to enter Iranian Intelligence. Their whole case is based on TV Confessions. Given Iranian report card, nobody would believe this government’s contention that this innocent man is a spy. The man entered Iran and he was picked up by Iranian Terrorists two weeks after his arrival. There is no way in hell anybody would believe such claim that he is a spy. However, why would Iran use this man for such a foolish claim? The answer to this question leads us to the next question which is “How would Iranian Regime benefit from such a stupid claim?”
As it was stated above, Iranian regime had underestimated the Western Intelligence and its power. They had forgotten that US had experiences of Cold War. They had also failed to monitor’s Israel’s experience in covert operations and her intelligence war against Terrorism. On the other hand, Iran had created this vision of this “Ruthlessness” among its citizens that they are capable destroying any movement against Iranian Regime. It was to deter the internal forces who are trying to basically change this regime. They had created this image that Iran’s Intelligence is capable of fighting anybody anywhere in order to preserve this regime and this regime is too powerful to be changed or destroyed. The image has been simply shattered in the past couple of months.
In Iran, there is a lot of noise about fog of war. Iranians and its citizens are worried about the war that is coming. Although the regime is desperately trying to claim that they are still in full control, the recent bombings and assassinations are showing more than ever that this government is losing its power grip. Another indication of such worries is Iranian Currency and how it has significantly lost its value against dollars. For years, Iranian Currency was sort of stable against Dollar. Now it is losing its value which indicates the level of worries among masses in Iran. These developments are destroying the deterrence and powerful image that this government has been trying to create in order to preserve its survival. This would give energy to the opposition and internal forces against this regime by saying, “Look, maybe this government is not as powerful as they had claimed to be”. So now the government is in desperate need to amend such image and restore it.
The way that this government is going to restore that power image is by using this innocent guy. Nobody believes these TV confessions. Iranian government also knows that nobody believes these confessions. However, the Iranian government is simply trying to show off its ruthlessness by saying that regardless of what happens, we are still in power and we could kill anybody and everybody. They are basically trying to score a point by terrorizing the masses in Iran by saying that look we could easily suppress any movements and there is nothing anybody could do about it. This is more like public hanging except with much broader audience. They are trying to deter anybody from rising up in Iran against this regime.
Another way that this regime is using this innocent man is by falsely providing false hope. They have denied a lot of reports about the explosions. The reason is because that these explosions having too embarrassing for the regime and the reason has been stated above which is that it shows that this ruthless regime is weak. Now they are trying to fool the citizens by claiming that they are actually keeping up with the fight. Another example of such desperation was downing of the American Drone. Iranian Regime put it on state television and showed it off to the public. Why would they need to do that? The answer is very simple: they are very desperate and it is to restore the faith in the regime. Countries do not just televise victories unless they need to use it for their own benefits. Iran needed to televise that drone and it only proved Iranian desperation for some sort of victory.
In the end, the saddest part is that this innocent man is the victim of this regime trying to restore its powerful image. His trial is nothing but a joke and it is an insult to the judicial proceedings. Iran is desperate and it is trying to maximize its survival by any means necessary. This is truly a sickening crime against Humanity and the world is absolutely silence about it.

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