Sunday, December 25, 2011

Occupy L.A Cost the City Millions of Dollars

Ok, so let me get this straight, these bastards and freeloaders don’t have jobs and they don’t want to work, and now I have to also pay for their pure stupidity too?! As if the hard-working people are not paying their “fare-share” which is more than we all should, now they are also costing us additional money?!

The two-month encampment cost the city at least $2.35 million, not counting repairs to the lawn and fountain outside City Hall, according to a report issued Friday. Much of that cost -- more than $1.7 million -- will be added to the growing pool of red ink in this year's city budget. The Occupy bills will increase an anticipated $72-million shortfall over the next six months, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana said.
Los Angeles Times

Seriously, I am sick of these whack-jobs Occupiers. I lived in Berkeley who had Occupiers EVERYDAY in People’s Park. You know what we called them?! We called them “BUMS” and/or “HOBOS”. Seriously, these Leftist Former Bastard of Children of Communism who are too lazy and/or stupid to get a job should stop blaming others and start looking for a job. You want to make your voice heard, stop destroying property and acting like Lunatics and start voting. If that’s not working, then stop voting all the way to the Left of the political spectrum. California went down the tube long looong time ago with Leftist agenda that were implemented in this state. Every single big business and corporation left this state because they could not take it anymore. Big and Small businesses are suffering everyday as a result of this state’s hostile attitude toward them. The Unions are the one who are assisting this state.
The Occupiers should seriously go back because with exception of Media and bunch of Leftist Wackiests who love this kind of movements, the American public quickly grew tired of them. They were super rude, disruptive and ignorant of other people. Not to mention they were incredibly dirty and they fell into every single stereo type they could possibly have when it comes to protesters. They were also instances of blatant Anti-Semitism. There were reports of Rape and sexual assaults in their camps. Media hated Tea Party Movement, but they were never like this. This is amazing. Tea Party Movement and their protests were never like this and yet the Media destroyed them. Yet, these Occupiers are being cheered like bunch of heroes when they are actually costing us a lot of money.
Either way, it really pissed me off when I saw that news article about additional cost to the city. The reason I am saying is that I live in this town. This town is broke already and there are many things wrong here. This town has already destroyed business through high taxes and parking tickets and anything and everything that could milk people. Why should we pay for these idiots?! Why did the city drop charges against these guys?! Why?! Now they are going back to their lives while we are stuck with the bill?! Seriously where is the justice in that?! Did Tea Party ever do anything like this?
I really hope Americans could come to their senses. It seems like as times are getting worse, sanity is also losing its grip and it is being replaced by Leftist Wacky Agenda that has produced nothing exception, death, starvation, mass murderers, and other global crisis every time it has been implemented.

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