Friday, January 06, 2012

Difference Between Savagery and Civilization

This is amusing. The situation at the Strait of Hormuz is becoming more interesting by the day. So, Iranian threatens the U.S. 5th Naval Fleet from returning to the region. Of course, American response is this:
A heavily-armed counter-piracy team from the Navy destroyer USS Kidd met little resistance when they boarded the dhow where they found 15 armed pirates and the 13 Iranians who were being held hostage. The pirates were taken into custody. The Iranians were set free in their dhow.
This is the difference between savagery and civilization. Although Iranian Government has been threatening and destabilizing the region for internal gains, the American gesture has been more than kindly. Iranian Regime take hostages to show-off their non-existence power and suppress the opposition, Americans release the Iranian Hostages by utilizing and threatening the lives of their best soldiers. All politics aside, it was a great gesture from U.S. I cannot wait for all the ungrateful responses from Iranian Government and their propaganda mouth-pieces’ abroad.

To these people, Iran is always the victim. However, they are right, Iranians are the victims, but the perpetrators are the Iranian murderous Regime and their supporters.

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